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HW-12 80-Meter SSB Transceiver
HW-22 40-Meter SSB Transceiver
HW-32 20-Meter SSB Transceiver

HW-12, HW-22, HW-32

  • True transceivers for one band, one sideband operation
  • PTT and VOX circuits built in
  • Provision for operation with linear amplifier
  • 2KC dial calibration—6" of bandspread

Pick a 80, 40 and 20 meter SSB transceivers from Heathkit! These single band transceivers have more features and better performance ... at one third the cost of three-band units. Buy only the bands you need. Employs a crystal filter type SSB generator for clean operation. Features include Automatic Level Control (ALC) and low frequency VFO (1.5—1.7 mc) for greater stability than comparable units. Vernier tuning assures smooth and accurate frequency location.

These transceivers are designed for easy assembly and include a heavy-duty circuit board, rugged steel chassis and wiring harness, a welded and braced one-piece steel chassis & cabinet, and gimbal mounting bracket. Provision has been made to accept a Heathkit HRA-10-1 100 KC Crystal Calibrator as a plug-in accessory. The transceivers use the GH-12 push-to-talk microphone and operate with the HP-13 (DC) or HP-23 (AC) power supplies or the Heathkit HP-10 (DC) or HP-20 (AC) power supplies.

HW-12/22/32 top view        HW-12/22/32 bottom view
left: Top view of the HW-12/22/32. right: Bottom view of the HW-12/22/32.

SPECIFICATIONS—RF Input: 200 watts PEP. Tube Complement: Fourteen tube heterodyne circuit; (3) 6EA8 mic. amp., VOX relay amp., IF amp., RF amp., Rcvr. mixer; (5) 6AU6's, VFO, VOX amp., IF amps., Xmtr. mixer; (1) 6BE6, VFO isolator (HW-12), Het. osc. and mixer (HW-22 & HW-32); (1) 12BY7, Driver; (1) 12AU7, Xtal osc., product det.; (1) 6EB8, Audio amp. and output; (2) 6GE5 R.F. output. Sideband Generation: Crystal lattice bandpass filter method. Stability: 100 cps overall after warm-up. Carrier & Unwanted Sideband Suppression: 45 db. Frequency Coverage: HW-12, 3.8-4.0 mc; HW-22, 7.2-7.3 mc; HW-32, 14.2-14.35 mc. Receiver Sensitivity: 1 uv for 15 db S+N/N ratio. Receiver Selectivity: 2.1 kc @ 6 db, 6.0 kc @ 50 db. Output: 50 ohm fixed (unbalanced). Operation: HW-12 & HW-22, LSB; HW-32 USB. Audio output: 1 watt @ 8 ohms. Mike Input: Hi-Z. Panel Controls: Frequency, final tune, function (OFF-PTT-VOX-TUNE), RF gain, AF gain, (pull for crystal calibration), VOX gain, meter, Front panel screwdriver adjust for S-meter and VOX delay. Rear Panel Controls: Mike gain, tune level, final bias. Power requirements: 800 VDC @ 250 MA peak, 250 VDC @ 100 MA, -125 VDC @ 5 MA, 12 VAC or VDC @ 3.75 amperes. Cabinet Dimensions: 6" H x 12" W x 10" D.

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