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KL-1 "Chippewa" Kilowatt Linear Amplifier
KS-1 Kilowatt Power Supply


Here is a top-quality kilowatt rig with all the features you've been looking for. Operates at maximum legal power input on all bands between 80 and 10 meters, in SSB, CW or AM linear operation. Premium tubes (4-400A's), forced air cooled with centrifugal blower. Grid neutralized, continuous plate current monitoring, extensive TVI shielding. Features both tuned and swamped grid circuits to accommodate all popular exciters. Operates class AB1 for SSB and AM linear service and high efficiency class C for CW service. Convenient panel controls include power switch, tune-operate switch, HV on/off switch, final bandswitch, meter switch, grid bandswitch, grid tuning, mode switch, plate tuning, plate loading and bias adjust. Accessory connectors are provided on the rear apron of the chassis for complete compatibility with all control circuitry in the Heathkit "Apache" Transmitter. Two meters provided; one monitors final plate current; the other indicates switch selected readings of final grid current, screen current, and plate voltages. 70 lbs.


KS-1 Kilowatt Power Supply - A perfect companion for the "Chippewa"

Ruggedly constructed for heavy-duty use in medium to high power installations, the KS-1 fills the requirements of a top-notch power supply with ecomony and safety. Features an oil-filled hermetically sealed plate transformer, "potted" swinging choke input filter and 60-second time delay relay. Line filters minimize RF radiation. Maximum DC power output is 1500 watts. Nominal voltage output, 3000 or 15000 volts. DC current output, average 500 ma, maximum 1000 ma. COntrol circuitry is arranged to allow remote installation. The KS-1 employs two 866A half-wave mercury vapor rectifiers in a full-wave, single-phase configuration. Power requirements: 115V, 50/60 cycles, 20 amperes; 230V, 50/60 cycles, 10 amperes. 105 lbs.

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