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QF-1 "Q" Multiplier


The Heathkit Q Multiplier is the kind of device that must be used to be appreciated. It provides additional selectivity or signal rejection as desired when used with a communications receiver. A tremendous help on crowded phone and CW bands. The peak or null effect of the Q multiplier may be tuned across the receiver's IF bandpass so its operation is more flexible than that of a crystal filter. The QF-1 may be used with a receiver which already has a crystal filter to obtain two simultaneous functions. The receiver's crystal could be set to peak the desired signal and the QF-1 to null an adjacent signal. Can be used with any AM receiver having an IF frequency between 450 and 460 kc, that is not AC-DC type. It obtains its power from the receiver with which it is used and requires only 6.3 volts AC at 300 ma (or 12 volts AC at 150 ma) and 150 to 250 volts DC at 2 ma. It is simple to connect with cable and plugs supplied following instructions in the manual. It provides an effective Q of approximately 4,000 for extremely sharp "peak" or "null." Tunes by means of a convenient tuning knob on the front panel. This Q multiplier is "top quality" all the way through. Cabinet measures 7 3/8" W x 4 11/16" H x 4 1/8" D.

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