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CI-1 Marine Battery Charge Indicator


  • Indicates condition and charge of batteries for safe cruising.
  • Hermetically sealed waterproof meter.
  • Chrome plated, solid brass panel.
  • Checks one, or as many as eight storage batteries.
  • Easy to install—requires minimum space on instrument panel.

The Heathkit model CI-1 Marine Battery Charge Indicator was designed especially for the boat owner. It is intended to replace the hydrometer method of checking storage batteries, and to eliminate the necessity for working with acid in small, below-decks enclosures. Now it is possible to check as few as one, or as many as eight storage batteries, merely by turning the switch and watching the meter. A glance at the meter tells you instantly whether your batteries are sufficiently charged for safe cruising. State of charge is indicated on a four-color scale. Operates on either 6 or 12 volt systems using lead acid batteries, regardless of size. The simple installation can be accomplished by the boat owner in fifteen minutes. Dimensions are 2 7/8" W. x 5¾" H. x 2" D. Although designed mainly for maritime use the CI-1 has also found extensive use in service stations, power stations, and radio stations where banks of batteries are kept in reserve. It can also be used in new automobiles that do not have an ammeter, to note the actual condition of the battery instead of only indicating whether it is charging or discharging. Continuously indicates percentage of charge without running the battery down. It also locates defective or weak betteries and indicates the proper charging rate. A nine-position switch is provided so that the state of charge of each battery can be read in turn, as the switch is torated. If less than eight batteries are in the system, only those switch positions corresponding to the number of batteries will be in use, and only on these will a reading be noted. Only the highest quality of components are used in marine kits such as hermetically sealed waterproof-meter, and chrome plated, solid brass panel. Engineered in accordance with Navy requirements to insure long service life.

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