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FD-1-6, FD-1-12 Fuel Vapor Detector

FD-1-6, FD-1-12

  • Hermetically sealed meter—chrome-plated panel.
  • Simple "safe-dangerous" indicator scale.
  • Explosion-proof detector unit with spare element.
  • Complete with heavy-duty neoprene-insulated cable.
  • Easy to build and install on your boat.

All boat owners are safety conscious—particularly when it comes to the very real dangers of explosion from combustible fumes accumularing in the engine compartment, or in other sections of the craft. The Heathkit Fuel Vaopr Detector has been designed to set your mind at ease concerning feul vapor problems by indicating the explosion potential in whatever part of the boat the detector unit is placed.

The indicator panel mounts on or near your instrument panel—so the presence of fumes can be seen on the meter, before the ignition is turned "on". A three-color "safe-dangeroous" scale immediately shows if it is safe to start the engine. A pilot light on the front panel shows when the detector is operating, and it can be left on continuously, or just used intermittently. Having this reliable indicator right at hand is more than a convenience; it is a necessity, for the safety of everyone abord, and as protection for your investment in the boat itself.

The detector is connected to the indicator by a heavy-duty neoprene-insulated cable, highly resistant to the effects of oil and gasoline. A panel control enables initial calibration of the detector when installed. The indicator features a hermetically-sealed meter and a chrome-plated brass panel. It is very simple to build and install, even by one not having previous experience.

The FD-1-6 (6 volts DC) and FD-1-12 (12 volts DC) operate from your boat batteries. The kit is complete in every detail, even to the inclusion of a spare detector unit. It constitues a small price to pay for the safety of yourself, your family, and your boat!

Specifications: Operation... Indicates explosion potential of fuel vapor. Protects an area of approximately 1000 cubic feet. Detector... Two glass-enclosed filaments encased in an explosion-proof monel metal screened housing (spare detector filament unit included with kit). Cable... Heavy duty, neoprene insulated. Meter... Hermetically sealed waterproof meter with 3-color scale. Panel... Brass—chrome plated. Power requirements... FD-1-6, 6volts DC at 1 amp; FD-1-12, 12 vots DC at 1 amp. Dimensions... 3¼ W. x 7 7/8" H. x 3 1/8 D.

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