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RC-1 Professional Radiation Counter


  • Completely modern design for maximum sensitivity and realibility.
  • Both visual (4½" meter) and aural (panel mounted speaker) indicators.
  • Meter calibrated in CPM and MR/HR. Four measuring ranges.
  • Safe, radio-active sample provided for calibration.
  • Employs 900 volt bismuth tube in beta/gamma sensitive probe.

The Heathkit model RC-1 Radiation Counter is a deluxe geiger counter priced far below comparable units. You save by "building it yourself". Complete step-by-step instructions are combined with giant-size pictorial diagrams showing the exact placement and value of each component.

The RC-1 provides high sensitivity with ranges of 0-100, 600, 6,000, 60,000 counts-per-minute and 0-.02, .1, 1 and 10 milliroentgens per hour. A 900-volt bismuth tube is employed in a beta/gamma sensitive probe. Probe and 8-foot expandable cable are included in kit, along with a safe radiation sample used for calibration. Response to radiation is indicated on a large 4½" panel meter and on a self contained speaker which produces beeps or blicks on the most sensitive range. The meter is calibrated in CPM or MR/hour.The prebuit "packaged" high voltage power supply has reserve capacity above the 900 volt level at which it is regulated. A separate control enables instant choice of time constant, from ½ to 10 seconds. Merely changing the regulator tube type would allow use of a scintillation probe if desired for extra sensitivity. Provision is made for use of an external meter when prospecting from a moving vehicle. The RC-1 employs five tubes (plus a transistor) to insure stable and reliable operation. In addition to its value in prospecting for uranium ore the RC-1 has found extensive use in radiological laboratories, and for civil defense to detect radiocative fallout, or other unknown radiation levels. The RC-1 fulfills the requirements of the seriously interested individual who wants a prospecting tool on which he can rely. Includes batteries.

Specifications: Time Constant: ... 0.5, 1, 5 and 10 seconds; Ranges... 0-100, 600, 6000 and 60,000 counts per minute; 0-.02, .1, 1 and 10 milliroentgens per hour. Probe... Satin aluminum and chrome plated steel probe contains extra sensitive type 6306 Bismuth geiger counter tube. Batteries... 1-67½ volt B battery (approximately 200 hours to 40 volt end point), intermittent operation; 2-1½ V A batteries (approx. 20 hours to 1V end point), intermittent operation. Tube Complement... 1-1U4, 1-3V4, 2-1U5—Amplification, pulse shaping and counting tubes; 1-5841 corona regulator tube; 1-6306 Bismuth counter tube; 1-2N109 transistor (oscillator). Dimensions... 9½" High x 6½" Wide x 5" Deep.

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