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XR-1 Transistor Portable Radio


  • Six name-brand (Texas Instrument) transistors plus two diodes.
  • High-quality 4" x 6" speaker for "big set" tone.
  • Long battery life (500-1000 hours) with standard flashlight cells.
  • Unbreakable molded plastic cabinet with "formed-in" handle.

Heath engineers set out to develop a "universal" AM radio, suitable for use anywhere. Their objective was a portable that would be as much "at home" inside as it is outside, and would feature top quality components for high performance and long service life. The model XR-1 is the result of these efforts.

Six name-brand (Texas Instrument) transistors were selected for good sensitivity and selectivity. A 4" x 6" PM speaker with heavy magnet was chosen to insure fine tone quality. The power supply was designed to use six standard, size "D" flashlight cells because they are readily available, inexpensive, and because they afford extremely long battery life (between 500 and 1000 hours). This power supply also eliminates shock hazard since highest voltage in set is only 9 volts. Unbreakable molded plastic was selected for cabinet material because of its durability and striking beauty.

These important features make the XR-1 equal to the finest transistor portable radios you can buy, yet it sells for less than many of the novelty portables that provide only minimum performance.

The Heathkit XR-1 Transistor Receiver emphasizes top performance at a low kit price. It features class B push-pull output for maximum efficiency and best battery economy. It costs you no more to operate from batteries than what you would pay for operating a small table-model radio from the power line. Built-in rod-type antenna allows excellent reception in all locations. The IF circuits are prealigned so the receiver is ready to operate as soon as construction is completed. Receiver can be peaked up on station if desired for maximum efficiency by following simple instructions in manual, and an alignment tool is furnished. No special alignment equipment is required. The circuit is compact and efficient, yet components are not excessively crowded, adding greatly to the ease of construction.

Use the XR-1 as an automobile radio, for fishing and camping trips, at the ball park, on vacation, or at the beach. Perfect for a civil defense standby set, and a reliable source of signals in case of power failure. It represents a new concept in design, in that you get convenience and portability without the usual sacrifice in performance.

The attractive, light-weight plastic cabinet is unbreakable with a "formed-in" handle for ease of carrying. It resists scuffs, peeling, chipping, checmicals and grease. Cabinet dimensions are 9" L. x 8" H. x 3¾" D. Comes in holiday gray with gold-anodized metal speaker grille. Compare this portable, feature-by-feature, to all others on the market, and you'll appreciate what a tremendous dollar value it represents!

XR-1 Internal View
Internal View

Specifications: Tuning range... 560-1600 kilocycles. Cabinet... 9" L. x 8" H. x 3¾" D. Loudspeaker... 4" x 6", 1.47 oz. magnet. Transistors... 6; 1-2N252 1-2N253, 1-2N254, 1-2N238, 2-2N235, plus 2 diodes. Weight with Batteries... 4¾ pounds.
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