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AM-1 Antenna Impedance Meter

AM-1 Antenna Impedance Meter

Use the Heathkit model AM-1 Antenna Impedance Meter for measuring antenna impedance, for line matching purposes, and adjustment of beam and mobile antennas. Match the complete antenna receiver-transmitter system for optimum overall operation. Used in conjunction with a signal source, such as the Heathkit model GD-1B Grid Dip Meter, the AM-1 will determine antenna resistance and resonance, match transmission lines for minimum SWR (standing wave ratio), determine receiver input impedance and provide a closer approximation of SWR. Will also double as a phone monitor, or will function satisfactorily as a relative field strength meter.

Uses precision resistor, germanium diode and 100 microampere meter. The dial covers the range from 0-600 ohms so as to include the popular 600 ohm transmission line. Operates up to 150 megacycles.

Housed in a shielded aluminum cabinet which is 7" L. x 2½" W. x 3¼" D. A valuable instrument around the ham shack.

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