Heathkit Virtual Museum

Heathkits® Are Easy-to-build

Simple easy-to-understand instructions with each Heathkit tell you all you need to know…guarantee your success!

Information Packaged Construction Manual

Everythin gyou need to know is contained in this clearly written text. It has been especialaly designed to take you through every phase of assembly with ease, even though you may be a complete newcomer to electronics.

Explanation of Proper Soldering Procedure

Instructions begin at the very beginning, and even illustrate and describe the proper procecures for making good solder connections. You can't go wrong if you follow the directions.

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Read the step … perform the operation … and check it off … it's just that simple. These plainly-worded, easy-to-follow steps cover every assembly operation and let you rely on [Heath's] experience in kit construction.

Easy-to-Follow Pictorial Diagrams

You'll get plenty of those detailed pictorial diagrams in your Heathkit construction manual to show where each and every wire and part is to be placed. Everything you do is spelled out in pictorials, so you can't miss!

Learn-by-Doing Experience for All Ages

Kit construction is not only fun—but it is educational too! You learn about radio and electronics parts and circuits as you build your own equipment … and this activity can make a fascinating hobby!

Insured Success for Family Fun

You can be sure of successful kit construction when you buy a Heathkit because of the thought and care that goes into every construction manual and the fine quality of the parts suppllied.

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