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AR-2 Communications Receiver

AR-2 Communications Receiver

A new Heathkit AR-2 communications receiver. The ideal companion piece for the AT-1 Transmitter. Electrical bandspread scale for tuning and logging convenience. High gain miniature tubes and IF transformers for high sensitivity and good signal to noise ratio. Construct your own Communications Receiver at a very substantial saving. Supplied with all tubes, punched and formed sheet metal parts, speaker, circuit components, and detailed step-by-step construction manual.

AR-2 Internal View

  • Four band operation 535 to 35 Mc.
  • Stable BFO oscillator circuit
  • RF gain control with AVC or MVC
  • Six tube transformer operation
  • Electrical bandspread and scale
  • Noise limiter--standby switch
  • 5¾ inch PM Speaker-Headphone jack

SPECIFICATIONS: Range... 535 Kc to 35 Mc. 12BE6 Mixer-oscillator. 12BA6 I.F. Amplifier. 12AV6 Detector—AVC—audio. 12BA6 B.F.O. Oscillator. 12A6 Beam power output. 5Y3GT Rectifier. Power Requirements: 105-125 volts A.C. 50-60 cycles, 45 watts.

CABINET: (optional, #91-10) Proxylin impregnated fabric covered plywood cabinet.

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