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AT-1 Amateur Transmitter

AT-1 Amateur Transmitter

Here is a major Heathkit addition to the Ham radio field, the AT-1 Transmitter kit, incorporating many desirable design features at the lowest possible dollar-per-watts price. Panel mounted crystal socket, stand-by switch, key click filer, A.C. line filtering, good shielding, etc. VFO or crystal excitation--up to 35 watts input. Built-in power supply provides 425 volts at 100 MA. Amazingly low kit price includes all circuit components, tubes, cabinet, punched chassis, and detailed construction manual.

SPECIFICATIONS: Range... 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, 10 meters. Oscillator-multiplier... 6AG7. Amplifier-doubler... 6L6. Rectifier... 5U4G. Power requirements... 105-125 Volt A.C. 50-60 cycles 100 watts. Size... 8-1/8 inch high x 13-1/8 inch wide x 7 inch deep.

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