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DX-100-B Phone & CW Transmitter

>DX-100-B Phone & CW Transmitter

A long standing favorite in the Heathkit line, the DX-100-B combines modern styling and circuit ingenuity to bring you an exceptionally fine transmitter at an economical price. Panel controls allow VFO or crystal control, phone or CW operation on all amateur bands up to 30 mc. The rugged one-piece formed cabinet features a convenient top-access hatch for changing crystals and making other adjustments. The chassis is punched to accept sideband adapter modifications. Featured are a built-in VFO, modulator, and power supply, complete shielding to minimize TVI, and a pi network output coupling to match impedances from 50 to 72 ohms. RF output is in excess of 100 watts on phone and 120 watts on CW. Band coverage is from 160 through 10 meters. For operating convenience single-knob bandswitching and illuminated VFO dial on meter face are provided. A pair of 6146 tubes in parallel are employed in the output stage modulated by a pair of 1625's. Shpg. Wt. 107 lbs.

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