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DX-35 Phone and CW Transmitter

DX-35 Phone and CW Transmitter


  • Phone or CW—80 through 10 meters
  • 65 watts CW—50 watts peak on phone--6146 final amplifier
  • Pi network output to match various antenna impedances
  • Tremendous dollar value—easy to build

This transmitter features a 6146 final amplifier to provide 65 watt plate power input on CW, with controlled-carrier modulation peaks up to 50 watts on phone. Modulator and power supplies are built in, and the rig covers 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, and 10 meters with a single band-change switch. Pi network output coupling provides for matching various antenna impedances. Employs 12BY7 oscillator, 12BY7 buffer and 6146 final. Speech amplifier is a 12AX7, and a 12AU7 is employed as modulator. Panel control provides switch selection of three different crystals, reached through access door at rear. Panel meter indicates final grid current or final plate current. A perfect low-power transmitter both for the novice or the more experienced amateur. A remarkable power package for the price. The price includes tubes, and all other parts necessary for construction. Comprehensive instruction manual insures successful assembly. Shpg. Wt. 24 lbs.

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