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GC-1A "Mohican" General Coverage Receiver

GC-1A "Mohican" General Coverage Receiver


  • Completely self-contained
  • Ten transistor, six diode circuit
  • Flashlight battery power supply
  • Fixed, aligned ceramic IF transfilters
  • Covers 550 kc to 32 mc in five bands
  • Quality design—complete portability

Heathkit GC-1A "Mohican" GENERAL COVERAGE RECEIVER kit gives top short-wave performance with the added convenience of portability

Now you can listen to "Radio Free Europe" broadcasts first-hand or tune in the BBC or Radio Moscow--simply by turning on your Heathkit GC-1A "Mohican" General Coverage Receiver. The perfect kit for the avid short-wave listener, this five-band transistorized receiver is ideal for all-around use and is especially convenient for it is powered by 8 standard flashlight batteries for complete portability--you can take it anywhere, use it everywhere!

This powerful and superbly-designed instrument features high sensitivity, selectivity and stability which are the result of the many receiver "firsts" incorporated by the Heathkit engineers who designed it. The fixed-aligned ceramic IF "Transfilters" used in the "Mohican", which were developed primarily for military use, operate much the same as crystal lattice filters to shape the IF bandpass and offer excellent stability and selectivity. Other features of this unique receiver include: a 10 transistor, six diode circuit, Zener diode voltage regulation, built-in telescoping 50-inch whip antenna, flywheel tuning, panel tuning meter and large slide-rule dial for tuning stations accurately and easily. The convenient panel controls include: on/off volume control, BFO pitch with on/off switch, RF gain, antenna tuning, electrical bandspread (oscillator tuning), ANL on/off, AVC on/off and Bandswitch. The GC-1A can be easily converted to 117 VAC household current instead of the battery supply, simply by plugging in Heathkit XP-2 Power Supply. The handsome styling of the Heathkit "Mohican" includes a one-piece metal cabinet with convenient carrying handle, die-cast metal knobs, a green and gray-green color combination. Experienced kit builders can assemble the GC-1A within 30 hours.

SPECIFICATIONS—IF frequency: 455 KC. Frequency coverage: 550 kc to 32 mc in 5 bands with calibrated bandspread scales (oscillator tuning) for 80, 50, 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur bands and 11 meter citizens band. Selectivity: ± 3 kc wide at 6 db down. Sensitivity: 10 uv broadcast band, 2 uv short wave bands for 10 db signal-to-noise ratio. Output: 400 milliwatts max. Battery life: up to 400 hours normal intermittent service using 6 standard size "C" cells. Dimensions: 6 7/8" H. x 12" W. x 10" D.

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