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GR-91 General Coverage Receiver

GR-91 General Coverage Receiver


  • Covers 550 KC to 30 MC in four bands
  • Seven inch illuminated slide-rule dial
  • Illuminated relative signal strength meter
  • Circuit board layout aids construction
  • Balanced and unbalanced antenna inputs

A new short wave LISTENER'S RECEIVER--the Heathkit GR-91 is versatile in performance and low-priced for economy!

This receiver covers 550 kc to 30 mc in four bands, and is ideal for the short Designed with the beginning kit builder in mind and easy to construct because of its circuit board layout, the all-new Heathkit GR-91 General Coverage Receiver kit will bring hours of fascinating and dependable broadcast, amateur radio, and short-wave listening pleasure. In building this kit, just place the components directly into the circuit board and solder. This procedure minimizes the possibility of errors, greatly speeds assembly, assures proper construction and adds circuit stability. Even the youngsters will find this kit a joy to assemble since it is so easy to build.

This sensitive receiver covers 550 KC to 30 MC in four bands clearly marked on the illuminated 7" slide-rule dial. The short wave listening bands are also clearly marked for ease of selection. The modern 4-tube plus silicon rectifier superheterodyne circuit has high sensitivity and good stability. It uses a 12BE6 oscillator and mixer, a 12BA6 IF amplifier/beat frequency oscillator, a 12AV6 second detector, AVC, first audio amplifier and a 50C5 beam power output tube.

The versatile features of this amazing unit include an all-new illuminated tuning meter that shows relative signal strength from each station and front panel controls for audio gain, electrical bandspread, AM-Standby-CW switch, band switch, BFO (beat-frequency oscillator), main tuning and antenna trimmer. On the rear of the chassis are a noise limiter switch, headphone jack, Q-multiplier input and antenna input. A balanced (300 ohms) or unbalanced (75 ohms) antenna input allows coupling of popular antenna systems for better sensitivity. The "velvet-touch" tuning dial makes 16 revolutions to cover the dial completely--this vernier tuning feature is a great help in station selection with today's crowded bands.

In all, the new Heathkit GR-91 represents great advances over its predecessor, the AR-3--it is much easier to build and offers many more outstanding features found before only in expensive, factory-assembled units. Extremely handsome in its all-steel cabinet, the GR-91 has modern "low-boy" styling in a beige and aqua color scheme that will complement any room setting.

SPECIFICATIONS—Frequency range: 550 KC to 30 MC on four bands. Short wave broadcast bands plainly marked on dial. Tube Complement: 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 50C5, silicon type rectifier. Controls: General coverage tuning, Bandspread tuning, Antenna trimmer, Bandswitch, Noise Limiter ON/OFF, Phone-Standby-CW switch, BFO control, Audio Gain, AC ON/OFF, Headphone Jack, Q-multiplier input jack. Power requirements: 105-125 V 50/60 cycles AC-DC, 30 watts. Cabinet dimensions: 12¼" W x 5½" H x 8¼" D.

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