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HA-10 "Warrior" Kilowatt Linear Amplifier

HA-10 "Warrior" Kilowatt Linear Amplifier


    • Completely self-contained desk-top KW linear
    • Operates SSB, AM & CW on 80 through 10 meters
    • Exclusive internal RF shielding for maximum TVI suppression
    • Interlocked switching of HV for maximum circuit protection
    • Low cost, high quality, 811A and 866A tubes
    • Fan forced-air cooling—clean, functional styling

    The Heathkit "Warrior" puts high quality, power-packed performance within easy reach of every amateur who wants a big boost in transmitting power! The "Warrior" is a completely self-contained, desktop, kilowatt linear loaded with special features … at only half the cost of comparable equipment. Note these many quality features … amplifier and power supplies for HV, filament, and bias are built-in. Versatile … May be driven by a 50 to 100 watt output transmitter (no matching or swamping network required). Efficient … Stable grounded-grid circuit puts part of drive in output for up to 70% efficiency. High quality, low-cost tubes … Four paralleled 811A's and two 866A's force-air cooled by a built-in fan. Dynamic Regulation … Large oil-filled 8mfd, 2KV capacitor and 5-50 henry swinging choke for high peak power output with low distortion.

    HA-10 Internal View

    Internal shielding of the RF amplifier (top removed) for increased stability and TVI protection is shown in this view. Note the large, 8 mfd. capacitor and the husky transformers used.

    Neutralized Final ... Provides a high degree of overall stability in conjunction with the grounded grid circuit design. Interlocked switching ... to prevent accidental application of HV before switching on filament and bias. Internal RF shielding ... for maximum protection against TVI. Monitor output ... gives constant output to scope regardless of frequency. Rugged construction ... 16 gauge steel chassis—1/8" aluminum front panel—welded one-piece cabinet. All these features are combined into an extremely well laid-out circuit design that makes assembly an easy task which can be accomplished in a few evenings.

    SPECIFICATIONS—Maximum power input: SSB-1000 watts P.E.P., CW-1000 watts, AM-400 watts (500 watts using controlled-carrier modulation), RTTY-650 watts. Output circuit: Variable pi-network (50 to 75 ohms). Driving power required: 50 to 75 watts—depending on frequency. Input circuit: Broad banded—requires no tuning. Input impedance: 50 to 75 ohms. Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Panel metering: Switch-selected, grid current, plate current, high voltage and relative power output for ease of loading. Tube complement: 4-811A, 2-866A. Size: 19½" W. x 11 1/8" H. x 16" D.

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