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  • Each band separately calibrated on rotating drum-type slide-rule dial
  • Gear drive vernier tuning for smooth, easy frequency selection
  • Epoxy coated coils on ceramic forms for high stability
  • High quality double-bearing tuning capacitor
  • Heavy steel chassis; cathode follower output

Now cover 80 thru 2 meters with this New Heathkit VFO

Here's the VFO you've been waiting for ... it's rugged ... regulated ... stable ... matches current Heathkit amateur gear ... loaded with special features ... reaches all the way to 2 meters.

The new Heathkit HG-10 VFO covers from 80 through 2 meters with each band separately calibrated on a rotating drum-type slide-rule dial. The circuit uses the popular series-tuned Clapp oscillator with a cathode-follower output for isloation and regulated plate voltage for maximum stability. Its vernier tuning has a 20 to 1 gear drive ... and there's a "spot" switch for off-the-air-tuning.

HG-10 Internal View

Note the neat circuit layout for easy assembly, rugged gear drive, high quality double-bearing tuning capacitor, temperature compensated epoxy coated coils, ceramic switch and condenser wafers for high stability and reliable performance. This VFO is top quality throughout..

The circuit is designed for grid-block keying with the new Heathkit DX-60 or for cathode keying with other transmitters. Everything is mounted on a rigid steel chassis for superior mechanical strength and freedom from chassis instability ... and it's all wrapped up in a handsome cabinet to match the DX-60. Power is obtained from the transmitter ... just plug it into the DX-60, or make simple changes to use with other transmitters. All cables are supplied.

Specifications—Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 meters. Load impedance: 50 K ohms or more. Output voltage: 5 volts R.M.S. or more, with no load. Output connections: phono plug. Front panel controls: Function Switch (Stby/Opr/Spot), VFO tuning & Band selector. Tube complement: 6CH8—oscillator—cathode follower; OB2—Voltage regulator. Power requirements: 1. from Accessory socket of DX-60, using cable furnished, 2. from accessory socket of DX-40, with simple changes, 3. From other sources: 140 volts min. @ 25 ma; 6.3 volts ac or dc at 0.75 amp. Cabinet size: 9 3/8" wide, 9" deep, 6½" high.

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