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HP-10 Transistor Mobile Power Supply

HP-10 Transistor Mobile Power Supply


    • Powers both transmitter and receiver
    • High efficiency circuit—instant starting
    • Rugged construction for long life
    • Remote relay control of primary power

    THis husky mobile power supply is designed to furnish all power required to operate both the Heathkit MT-1 Transmitter and MR-1 Receiver. It may be used with many other makes of mobile communications equipment having similar power requirements. The HP 10 operates from a nominal 12 volts DC power source to provide both B+ and bias voltages with a combined continuous power rating of 120 watts. The HP-10 provides a fixed bias source for SSB applications, etc., or may be connected to provide positive 125 VDC @ 30 ma for extra low level stage power or use in other applications within this rating. The exceptionally well-designed circuit with two heavy-duty power transistors and long-life silicon diode rectifiers features high 75% efficiency, low idling current (2 amps), only 13 amps at full output. Other circuit refinements include: relay control of primary power, heavy filtering of input and output leads, capacitor discharge resistors, effective suppression of voltage transients, efficient silicon rectifiers and rugged construction for long life dependable performance. Extruded aluminum heat sinks are used for efficient cooling of the two power transistors. Power take-off for equipment is through a standard octal socket with voltage points clearly screened on the power supply chassis. Easy to assemble and install. 10 lbs.

    Specifications—Input voltage: 11 to 15 VDC (12.6 nominal). Input current: 2 to 13 amps (as a function of output load). Total power output: 120 watts continuous, 150 watts normal intermittent operation. Power available: 600 VDC @ 200 ma or 600 VDC @ 150 ma & 300 VDC @ 100 ma and bias of –125 VDC @ 30 ma. Efficiency: Approximately 75%. Maximum ambient operating temperature: 120 degrees F. at 120 watt continuous, 150 degrees F. at 120 watt intermittent operation (50% duty cycle). Dimensions: 8" W x 7½" H x 6 1/8" D.

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