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HP-23 AC Power Supply

HP-23 AC Power Supply

Power supply for HP-12, HP-22 and HP-32 and all SSB Transceivers

Converts mobile gear to fixed-station operation in minutes. Furnishes HV, LV, bias, and filament power. Excellent dynamic regulation and extremely low AC ripple for optimum performance. Features long-life silicon rectifiers, provision for remote switching and fixed line plug. Complete instructions for use with Heathkit and other SSB gear.

HP-23 AC Power Supply Interior View

HP-23 Interior View

Specifications—Power Requirements: 120 volts AC, 50-60 cycles, 350 watt maximum. High voltage output: 820 volts DC, no load; 100 watts DC @ 250 ma. AC ripple: Less than 1% @ 250 ma. Duty cycle: 150 ma continuous, 150 ma to 300 ma @ 50%. Low voltage output: (High Tap) 350 volts DC no load; 300 volts DC @ 150 ma. (Low Tap) 275 volts DC, no load; 250 volts DC @ 100 ma. Less than .05% AC ripple @ 150 ma, continuous duty to 175 ma. Fixed bias: –130 volts DC, no load; –100 volts DC @ 30 ma. Adjustable bias: –40 to –80 volts DC @ 1 ma maximum. Less than .5% AC ripple. Continuous duty to 20 ma. Filament voltage: 6.3 V. AC @ 11 amps; 12.6 V. AC @ 5.5 amps. Dimensions: 9" L x 4¾ W x 8¾ H.

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