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HR-10 Ham-Band Receiver

HR-10 Ham-Band Receiver


  • Amateur band coverage only (80 through 10 meters) for high stability & tuning accuracy
  • Tunes SSB, AM, CW
  • Large, slide-rule tuning dial—over 6" of bandspread
  • Tunable RF stage for extra sensitivity
  • Prebuilt, preset coil/bandswitch assembly
  • Lattice-type crystal filter for high selectivity

This handsomely-styled amateur receiver is a perfect match for the DX-60 Transmitter, providing complete high-performance station receiver facilities at low cost!

The HR-10 is designed for amateur band coverage only on 80 through 10 meters, for maximum accuracy and stability. Each band is separately calibrated on a large, easy-to-read slide-rule dial. The tuning dial is illuminated and provides over 6" of bandspread for precise frequency settings. A carefully-designed diode detector, plus BFO, tunes AM or CW and SSB signals. The 7-tube superheterodyne circuit features an RF stage for added sensitivity and employs a half-lattice crystal filter for excellent selectivity characteristics...a necessity with today's crowded band conditions. Two IF amplifiers operating at 1680 kc provide good image rejection. Other features include: "S" meter to aid in tuning and determining relative strength of received signals; a 3-gang tuning capacitor to assure proper tracking of all circuits rather than "Broad Banding"; a front panel dial calibration control and provision for a plug-in 100 kc crystal calibrator to provide accurate dial calibration at any 100 kc point across the band. Other panel controls consist of: antenna trimmer, bandswitch, tuning, BFO tuning, RF gain, AF gain w/AC on-off switch, xtal. calibration on/off, STBY/RCV, BFO on/off, AVC on/off, and automatic noise limiter on/off. An accessory socket is provided on the rear chassis apron for receiver muting, etc., and a speaker jack is provided for use with any 8 ohm PM speaker. 21 lbs.

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