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HR-20 SSB Mobile Receiver

HR-20 SSB Mobile Receiver


  • Tunes SSB, AM & CW signals—80 through 10 meters
  • Better than 1 uv sensitivity on all bands
  • Crystal bandpass filter for sharp selectivity
  • Crystal controlled BFO for selectable sideband reception
  • Built-in calibrated "S" meter—30-1 gear drive tuning
  • Regulated local oscillator filament voltage

Heathkit HR-20 SSB MOBILE RECEIVER...New features, advanced design for fun-filled mobile operations

Outstanding performance and convenience are yours in this handsomely styled mobile receiver! Excellent sensitivity, selectivity and stability are provided by the modern 8-tube superhet circuit featuring a tuned RF stage, crystal bandpass filter, and extensive temperature compensation and voltage regulation of all oscillators. Operates SSB, AM and CW on 80 through 10 meters. Amateur frequencies are calibrated in five separate bands on a rotating slide-rule dial for precise frequency settings. Other features include a product detector for SSB, CW reception and a diode detector for AM. A series noise-limiter, controllable from the front panel, effectively reduces ignition, electrical and other forms of pulse type noises in AM signals.

HR-20 Internal View

All receiver adjustments are made from the top of the chassis. Each band is separately aligned to assure proper tracking on the dial.

Front panel selection of either fast or slow AVC action tailors receiver response time to suit varying band conditions or types of transmissions. Panel meter is calibrated in "S" units from 1 to 9 and in db above +60 db. Outputs are provided for 8 ohm speaker plus a separate 500 ohm output for headset or anti-trip circuit in transmitter.

A versatile performer, the HR-20 operates from a 12 volt car battery using the Heathkit HP-10 Mobile Power Supply or can be converted in minutes to fixed station operation using the Heathkit HP-20 AC Power Supply. Local oscillator filament is voltage regulated by a transistor and zener diode for mobile frequency stability.

Specifications—Frequency range: 80 thru 10 meters in 5 bands, 3.5 to 4.0; 7.0 to 7.3; 14.0 to 14.36; 21.0 to 21.5; 28.0 to 29.7 MC. Intermediate frequency filter: Center frequency, 3.0 MC; Bandwidth at -6 db, 3.0 KC; Bandwidth at -60 db, 10.0 KC Max.; Hermetically sealed. Panel controls: Sideband Select; R.F. gain; A.F. gain-Off-On; Noise Limiter; AVC select; main tuning; band switch; antenna trimmer; SSB, CW-AM switch. Signal-to-noise ratio: 10 db at 1 microvolt or less. Tube complement: 6BZ6—R.F. amp; 6EA8—Mixer Oscillator; 6BZ6—1st I.F. amp; 6EA8-2nd I.F. amp (½); 6EA8—S meter amp (½); 6BE6—Product detector-BFO; 6BJ7—AM detector-noise limiter-AVC; 6BE8—2st Audio-Audio Output; 0A2—Voltage Regulator. Output impedance: 500 ohms and 8 ohms. Power requirements: 6.3 or 12.6 volts 4 amps AC or DC, 300 volts DC at 120MA. Cabinet size: 6¼" H x 12¼" W x 9¾" D.

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