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HW-10 6-Meter "Shawnee" Transceiver
HW-20 2-Meter "Pawnee" Transceiver

HW-10 6-Meter "Shawnee" Transceiver


  • Transmitter—receiver—power supply . . . all in one
  • 10 watt RF output to antenna—360 final
  • Tracked VFO and exciter stages for single knob tuning
  • Built-in low pass filter—push-to-talk microphone
  • Built-in 3-way power supply for 117 V. AC, 6 or 12 V. DC
  • Ideal for use in CAP & MARS operations

For "mobile" or "fixed" station use &hgellip; feature-packed TRANSCEIVERS for 6 & 2 meters

Clean, functional styling and superb engineering team up to bring you unprecedented performance on the VHF amateur bands in the new Heathkit 6 meter "Shawnee" and 2 meter "Pawnee"! Both models offer complete versatility and operating convenience either as a fixed or mobile station.

The transmitters feature a built-in temperature stabilized VFO and switch-selection of four crystal positions for net, novice, CAP and MARS operation; tracked VFO and exciter stages for convenient single knob tuning over any 500 kc band segment; a "spotting" switch to zero-in signals with transmitter off-the-air; efficient 6360 final RF amplifier for 10 watt output to antenna; built-in low-pass filter to suppress harmonics and other spurious radiation; dual-purpose modulator which doubles as a 15-watt PA amplifier with an added, external speaker; and push-to-talk ceramic element microphone with coil cord and mounting clip.

The sensitive superheterodyne receivers feature double conversion with first oscillator crystal controlled; voltage regulation on all oscillators for high stability; large, illuminated slide-rule dial for both receiver and VFO; an automatically switched panel meter to read received signal strength or relative power output; front panel squelch and noise limiter controls for maximum clarity, minimum noise; 3" x 5" PM speaker for excellent tone; and RF gain, BFO, and AVC on/off controls. The built-in 3-way power supplies feature transformer operation on 117 V AC and heavy-duty, full-wave vibrator for 6 or 12 V DC operation. AC and DC cables are furnished. A primary fused relay controls all power to the transceiver in mobile installations. Sturdy construction features wrap-around steel case, extensive shielding of transmitter, receiver and power supply sections. Mounting bracket included. Recommended for the more experienced kit builder. Average construction time is 70 hours.

HW-10/HW-20 Internal View

HW-10/HW-20 Internal View

SPECIFICATIONS—RECEIVER SECTION—Frequency coverage: HW-20; 143.8 to 148.2 mc. HW-10; 49.8 mc to 54.0 mc. IF frequencies: Double conversion—First IF, 22 to 26 mc (tunable); Second IF, 2 mc. Noise figure: HW-20; 8.5 db or less, HW-10; 6 db or less. Sensitivity: .5 microvolts of input signal will provide an output signal better than 10 db over the noise level. Squelch sensitivity: Less than 1 microvolt. Selectivity: 15 kc at 6 db down. Image rejection: Better than 70 db. IF rejection: 50 db. Input impedance: 50 to 72 ohm, unbalanced. Audio power output: 3 watts (receiver operation); 15 watts (public address operation). Headphone jack: Low impedance, accepts PL-55 type plug (standard 2 conductor ¼" sleeve). External speaker socket: 8 ohm impedance, accepts RCA type phono plug.

SPECIFICATIONS—TRANSMITTER SECTION—Frequency coverage: HW-20; 143.8 to 148.2 mc. (crystal or VFO control), HW-10; 49.8 to 54.0 mc. (crystal or VFO control). Modulation: .01 volts minimum at 1000 cps = 100%. RF power output: 8 watts nominal AM, 50 ohm; 10 watts nominal CW, nonreactive load. Distortion: 10% or less with 100% modulation at 1000 cps. Output impedance: 50 to 72 ohm, unbalanced. Low pass filer: HW-20; 152 mc cutoff frequency. HW-10; 54 mc cutoff frequency. Key jack: Accepts PL-55 type plug (standard 2-conductor ¼" sleeve). Crystal sockets: Accepts FT-243 type holders, pin diameter .093", pin spacing .466". Microphone: High impedance ceramic element push-to-talk type with coil cord. Crystals: (Not furnished) HW-20; 8 mc fundamental range (8.000 to 8.222 mc for 2 meter band). HW-10; 8 mc fundamental range (8.333 to 9.000 mc for 6 meter band).

GENERAL—Power requirements: Input voltage: 6.3V DC, 12.6V DC, 117V AC. Transmit—14.5 amps, 7.5 amps, 120 watts. Receive—8.5 amps, 4.5 amps, 60 watts. Cabinet dimensions: 6"H. x 10"D. x 12"W.

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