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HW-19 10-Meter "Tener" Transceiver
HW-29A 6-Meter "Sixer" Transceiver
HW-30 2-Meter "Twoer" Transceiver

HW-19, HW-29A, HW-30 Transceivers


  • Crystal-controlled transmitters
  • Tunable superregenerative receivers with RF stages
  • Ideal for emergency communications—easy to build

Thousands of these transceivers now in use across the nation, in homes, offices, cars,trucks, boats, etc., attest to their popularity and proven performance. Their neat, compact design, low cost and high versatility make them ideal for use in either mobile or fixed station installations. All feature crystal-controlled transmitters and tunable superregenerative receivers with RF preamplifiers designed for operation on the 2, 6 or 10 meter amateur bands. The highly sensitive receivers pull in signals as low as 1 microvolt and produce complete quieting on reasonable signal levels.

The transmitters with up to 5-watt input are more than adequate for "local" net operations and the communication range of all models is unlimited under "skip" conditions. Other features include: a built-in RF trap on the 10 meter version to minimize TVI; frequency multipliers on the 6 & 2 meter versions to provide straight-through finals from an oscillator using a fundamental crystal in the 8 mc range; built-in final amplifier metering jack, and "press-to-talk" transmit/receive switch on the front panel with "transmit-hold" position.

Kit includes a ceramic element microphone and two power cords, one for use with the built-in AC power supply and one for use with a vibrator power supply such as the Heathkit GP-11 for 6 or 12 volt mobile operation. Transfer from fixed station to mobile operation in a matter of minutes. Handsomely styled in two-tone mocha and beige. Less crystal.

HW-19/29A/30 Internal View

The well laid-out circuitry of these transceiver kits coupled with high quality components provide maximum efficiency for dependable communications.

HW-19/29A/30 Under Chassis View

High quality ceramic tuning capacitor, slug tuned ceramic coils and air-wound final tank coil in the "Twoer" assure reliable 2 meter communications.

SPECIFICATIONS—Receiver type: Superregenerative detector with RF amplifier stage. Sensitivity: Usable with signals as low as 1 microvolt at antenna terminals. Speaker size: 3½" (round). Audio power output: Approximately 1 watt (undistorted). Transmitter power input to Final RF amplifier: Approx. 5 watts. Frequency control: Quartz crystal: 3rd overtone, 10 meter; 8 mc fundamental, 6 & 2 meter, (not supplied). Power requirements: 6V @ 1.8 amps or 12 V @ 0.9 amps (10 meter), 6V @ 2.35 amps or 12V @ 1.2 amps (6 & 2 meter). Cabinet dimensions: 8" H. x 6" D. x 9¾" W.

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