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HX-10 "Marauder" SSB Transmitter

HX-10 "Marauder" SSB Transmitter


  • First complete filter-type SSB transmitter in kit form
  • Operates SSB (upper or lower sideband), CW, AM and FSK
  • 180 watts PEP on SSB and CW
  • 80 through 10 meters

The Heathkit "Marauder" SSB Transmitter is unmatched at less than twice its price! This transmitter operates SSB (upper or lower sideband), CW, AM and FSK. It features a full 180 watts P.E.P. on SSB and CW and operates on 80 through 10 meters. A smart panel meter allows monitoring of grid and plate current, high voltage, ALC, and relative power. Its many operating conveniences include VOX controlled break-in CW and automatic level control (ALC) for higher talk power. The multi-section, hermetically sealed crystal band-pass filter ensures a clean signal with low distortion. Superb engineering of this transmitter results in carrier suppression of 50 db and unwanted sideband suppression of 55 db.

Other operating conveniences include accessory sockets, output for a monitor scope such as the HO-10, and FSK input. The preheated, temperature compensated VFO provides 100 cps stability after warmup. The final amplifier is shielded and air-cooled, and the 165 to 1 vernier gear drive tuning assembly ensures precise, smooth tuning. It features beautiful exterior styling and heavy chrome plated knobs.

Take any other transmitter on the market, compare its price, performance, features, quality and versatility with the Heathkit "Marauder" and you'll find none that offer so much at so great a savings! The "Marauder" is a transmitter that has everything you'll need to enjoy SSB amateur operations to their fullest ... a quality instrument that can be depended upon for years of faithful service.

SPECIFICATIONS—emission: SSB (upper or lower sideband), CW, AM and FSK. Power input: 180 watts PEP—SSB and CW, 75 watts AM. Output impedance: 50 to 75 ohms with not more than approximately 2:1 SWR. Frequency range (MC): 3.5 to 4.1; 6.9 to 7.5; 13.9 to 14.5; 20.9 to 21.5; 27.9 to 28.5; 28.5 to 29.1; 29.1 to 29.7. Frequency stability: within 100 cps, after warmup. Carrier suppression: 50 db below peak output. Unwanted sideband suppression: 55 db below peak output. Keying characteristics: Break-in CW provided by operating VOX from a keyed tone using grid-block keying. Audio input: High impedance microphone. Audio frequency response: 400 to 3000 cps at ± 3 db. Power requirements: OFF—4 watts; STANDBY—200 watts; KEY DOWN—400 watts at 117 volts, 50/60 cycles AC. Cabinet size: 19" W. x 11 5/8" H. x 16" D.

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