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HX-11 CW Transmitter

HX-11 CW Transmitter


  • NEW! … Built-in low pass filter
  • NEW! … Provision for single-switch station control
  • NEW! … Large "clear view" panel meter
  • NEW! … Modern styling
  • Single-knob bandswitching
  • "Tune-operate" switch
  • Built-in power supply

Brand new! … specially designed for CW work … specially for novices … the Heathkit HX-11

Here is an excellent CW transmitter for the novice or general class amateur who appreciates a clean, quality signal and wants the most quot;watts-per-dollar" in an amateur transmitter. The new HX-11 is designed exclusively for CW work on the 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur bands, using either crystals or external VFO. The efficient circuitry features a single 6DQ6A final amplifier stage with full 50-watt plate power input and a 6CL6 crystal oscillator. The husky power supply uses a heavy-duty 5U4GB rectifier and top-quality "potted" transformer for long service life. Other features include single-knob bandswitching, switched antenna relay power, pi-network output coupling, built-in low-pass filter for minimum TVI, and easy-to-read panel meter for final grid or plate current indication. Easy access to crystal socket is provided by a metal pull-out plug on the side of the cabinet. Very easy to build and operate with the complete instructions supplied.

SPECIFICATIONS—RF Power input: 50 watts CW. Output impedance: 50-600 ohm (non-reactive). Output coupling: Pi-network. Operation: Crystal—external VFO. Low pass filter cutoff frequency: 34 MC. Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Tube complement: 5U4GB rectifier, 6CL6 oscillator, 6DQ6A final amplifier. Power requirements: 117 volts AC, 60 cycles, 150 watts. Dimensions: 13" W x 8½" H x 7"D.

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