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HX-20 SSB Mobile Transmitter

HX-20 SSB Mobile Transmitter


    • Hermetically sealed crystal bandpass filter
    • Crystal controlled dual conversion heterodyne circuitry
    • Automatic level control for maximum talk power, low distortion
    • Complete bandswitching of 80 through 10 meter bands
    • All crystals furnished—ideal for mobile or fixed operation

    Heathkit HX-20 SSB MOBILE TRANSMITTER...power packed performance

    Attractive, functional styling...90-watt input and many more high performance features in the HX-20, bring you all the fun and excitement of effective SSB mobile communications. Provides complete coverage and bandswitching of the 80, 40, 20, and 15 meter bands plus three 500 kc segments on 10 meters, using crystals furnished.

    HX-20 Microphone

    Available option—Specially designed SSB microphone features ceramic element with shaped response for effective SSB communications, plus push-to-talk button and coiled cord.

    The HX-20 is a complete singe-sideband suppressed carrier transmitter with automatic voice-operated transmit/receive switching (VOX) for SSB operation. A combination of crystal filtering and balanced modulator circuitry provide long term suppression stability making it unnecessary to constantly check carrier suppression. Other quality features include a temperature stable VFO operated from 5.0 to 5.5 mc, VOX or push-to-talk operation, anti-trip circuitry, fixed loading and "spotting switch" for either talk-on or zero-beat frequency spotting.

    HX-20 Internal View

    High quality and rugged design assure long life and dependable performance. Features popular 6146 final amplifier tube and ceramic form final tank coil.

    Special features include a multi-section hermetically sealed filter to shape audio response for excellent sideband suppression, dual conversion heterodyne circuitry with high frequency oscillators crystal controlled and automatic level control for greater talk power without distortion. A perfect mate to the Heathkit HR-20 receiver. Operates mobile using Heathkit HP-20 power supply or Fixed with HP-20 AC power supply.

    Specifications—Types of emission: SSB (Upper or lower) and CW. Power input: 90 watts PEP, SSB and CW. Output impedance: 50 to 75 ohms with not more than approx. 2:1 SWR. Frequency range: (MC) 3.5 to 4; 7.0 to 7.5; 14.0 to 14.5; 21.0 to 21.5; 28.0 to 29.5. Frequency stability: Overall frequency within 100 CPS after warmup. Carrier suppression: 50 DB below peak output. Unwanted sideband suppression: 55 DB below peak output. Keying characteristics: Grid block keying throughout. Audio input: High impedance microphone. Power requirements: 6.3 or 12.6 volts 4 amps; -120 volts 20 milliamps; 300 volts 100 milliamps, 600 volts 130 milliamps (uses Heath HP-20 or HP-10 power supplies). Cabinet size: 12¼" W x 6¼" H x 9¾" D.

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