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MR-1 "Comanche" Mobile Ham Receiver

MR-1 "Comanche" Mobile Ham Receiver


  • Better than 1 uv sensitivity on all bands
  • Built-in panel "S" meter
  • Crystal lattice-type filter
  • 30-1 gear driven tuning assembly
  • Rotating slide-rule tuning dial

Many extras for top quality performance

Specially designed for rugged mobile use, the Heathkit "Comanche" brings you all the features you've ever wanted in a mobile receiver...superb styling, operating convenience, rugged construction, and lasting quality. Its modern 8-tube superheterodyne circuit features a crystal-lattice type filer and product detector for excellent sensitivity, selectivity and stability. The "Comanche" receives AM, CW, and SSB on 80 through 10 meters. A 30-1 gear driven spring-loaded tuning assembly and rotating slide-rule tuning dial assures smooth, easy station selection. Panel controls are provided for BFO tuning, RF gain, AF gain-on/off, CW-SSB-AM mode selector, noise limiter, AVC, main tuning, bandswitch, and antenna trimmer.

MR-1 Internal View

All adjustments of the MR-1 are conveniently made from the top of the chassis. Each band is separately aligned to assure proper tracking on the dial.

Circuit design includes an RF stage, converter, 2 IF stages, 2 detectors, noise limiter, 2 audio stages and a voltage regulator. The MR-1, with steel chassis and compartmental construction, is braced to withstand mobile vibrations and shock for long life and reliable communications with lasting quality. A versatile performer, the MT-1 can be used with the Heathkit HP-10 mobile power supply for operation on 12 V DC car battery or can be converted in a matter of minutes to fixed-station operation using the Heathkit HP-20 AC power supply.

Specifications—IF frequency: 3 mc. Frequency coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter bands. Crystal-lattice IF filer: Center frequency, 3 mc; Bandwidth at 6 db, 3 kc; Bandwidth at 60 db, 10 kc max. Panel controls: BFO tuning, RF gain, AF gain on/off, CW-SSB-AM, NL, AVC, Main tuning, Bandswitch, ANtenna trimmer. Tube complement: (2) 6BZ6, (2) 6EA8, (1) 6BE6, (1) 6T8, (1) 6AQ5, (1) OA2. Sensitivity: Better than 10 db signal to noise ratio at 1 uv input. Power requirements: 12 V at 1.65 amp or 6 V at 3.3 amp AC or DC for filaments. 300 VDC at 125 ma for B+. Total power 60 watts. Dimensions: 6½" H x 12 1/8" W x 9 15/16" D.

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