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MT-1 "Cheyenne" Mobile Ham Transmitter

MT-1 "Cheyenne" Mobile Ham Transmitter


  • 90 watt input on phone or CW
  • 6146 final amplifier—pi network output
  • Special design push-to-talk microphone
  • Spotting switch for off-the-air tuning
  • Rugged shock-proof construction—easy to build

Power packed performance at low cost!

All the fun and excitement of mobile amateur operations are yours with the "Cheyenne" transmitter. Team it with its matching counterpart, the "Comanche" receiver...they make an ideal pair for top mobile communications at the lowest cost anywhere! The high quality components, sturdy chassis construction, and many design features assure long life, dependable performance, and convenient operation under rugged mobile use. The "Cheyenne" provides up to 90 watts input on phone or CW and covers 80 through 10 meters.

MT-1 Internal View

High quality and rugged design assures long life and dependable performance. Note the 6146 final amplifier tube and husky final tank coil used.

It features a built-in VFO, controlled carrier modulator, four RF stages, 6146 final amplifier, and pi-network (coaxial) output coupling. A spotting switch is provided to allow tuning the transmitter "off-the-air" and a specially designed ceramic element microphone with push-to-talk switch assures properly shaped audio response for effective modulation with plenty of "punch." All power necessary for mobile operation is furnished by the Heathkit HP-10 mobile power supply. Simple conversion to fixed station operation is easily accomplished by using the Heathkit HP-20 AC power supply. Styling of both the "Comanche" and "Cheyenne" features a one-piece die-cast front panel with raised meter, tuning dial and control panel escutcheons, and die-cast knobs. Color styled in two-tone gray and gray-green.

Output coupling: Pi network (coaxial). Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Panel controls: Meter switch, spotting switch, final tuning, drive adjust, bandswitch, VFO tuning, audio (gain), loading, function switch. Tube complement: 12AX7, 6DE7, 6AU6, 6CL6, 5763, OA2. Power requirements: 500-600 V DC @ 100 ma; 6.3 V @ 4.7 amps or 12.6V @ 2.35 amps AC/DC. Dimensions: 6½" H x 12 1/8" W x 9 15/16" D.

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