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RX-1 "Mohawk" Ham Receiver

RX-1 "Mohawk" Ham Receiver


  • Amateur band coverage only for maximum stability and accuracy
  • 1 uv input for 10 db signal to noise ratio
  • Factory assembled and aligned coil/bandwidth assembly
  • Rotating slide rule tuning dial with vernier action
  • Built-in 100 kc crystal calibrator

Designed for extra performance ... "Mohawk" DELUXE AMATEUR RECEIVER

Amateur radio operation today requires a highly specialized receiver, capable of receiving several different types of transmissions, under a wider variety of conditions. The Heathkit "Mohawk" is designed to conform to these high standards with every deluxe feature for clear, rock-steady reception and full operating convenience.

The receiver circuit employs 15 tubes and features double conversion with IF's at 1682 kc and 50kc. Designed strictly for ham band coverage for maximum stability and accuracy, the "Mohawk" covers amateur frequencies from 160 through 10 meters on 7 bands with an extra band calibrated to cover 6 & 2 meters using converters. Excellent quality single sideband reception is provided by the product detector and crystal-controlled oscillators for upper and lower sideband selection. A completely wired and factory aligned front-end coil/bandswitch assembly simplifies construction, assures top performance and eliminates critical alignment of the finished unit.

RX-1 Internal View

This inside rear view of the RX-1 shows the high quality materials used in its design. The critical front-end coil/bandswitch assembly on the left half of the chassis is furnished completely assembled and aligned, thus eliminating the most difficult part of receiver adjustment. Ceramic coil forms and bandswitch wafers are used for stability and high "Q".

Other features include 5 selectivity positions from 5 kc to 500 cps, a bridged T-notch filter for maximum heterodyne rejection and a built-in 100 kc crystal calibrator which is used for dial calibration. The rotating slide-rule tuning dial is illuminated and a vernier gear drive provides smooth, solid tuning action. Each amateur band is separately calibrated for clear, precise frequency se4ttings with more than ample bandspread. Rugged, well-rated components are used throughout for years of dependable performance. The rich, professional styling adds the final touch of quality to this splendid receiver. Front panel control knobs and escutcheons are of heavy, diepcast metal and the all-steel cabinet features a convenient top-access hatch.

Specifications—Fifteen tube double conversion superheterodyne receiver with selectable sideband. First IF frequency: 1682 KC. Second IF frequency: 50 KC. Band coverage: 160-10 meters. Selectivity range: 5 kc, 3 kc, 2 kc, 1 kc, .5kc. Bridged T notch filer: 50 db rejection notch. Panel controls: RF Gain, Tuning, IF Gain, Antenna Trimmer, AF Gain w/on-off switch, Calibrate Set, T-Notch Tuning, Calibrate On, T-Notch Depth, CW-SSB-AM, ANL, Receive-Standby, AVC, Upper-Lower Sideband, BFO, Selectivity, Band, Phones. Tube complement: 6BZ6 RF AMplifier, 6SC6 First Mixer, 12AT7 Oscillator-Cathode Follower, 6BA6 1682 kc IF amplifier, 6CS6 Second mixer, 12AT7 1632-1732 kc crystal Oscillator, 6BA6 50 kc IF amplifier, 6BJ7 DET-AVC-ANL, 6SC6 Product Detector, 12AT7 First Audio S Meter Amp., 6AQ5 Audio Output, 6BA6 100 kc Oscillator, OA2 Voltage Regulator, 5V4 Rectifier. Signal to noise ratio: 10 db at less than 1 microvolt input. Power required: 117 VAC, 50/60 cycle, 75 watts. Cabinet size: 19½" W x 11 5/8" H x 16" D.

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