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SB-10 SSB Adapter

SB-10 SSB Adapter


  • Amateur band coverage only for maximum stability and accuracy
  • Produces USB, LSB or DSB signals with or without carrier insertion
  • Built-in VOX with anti-trip circuit
  • Sealed audio phase shift network

Switch to SSB for more talk power ... less fade & interference with this SSB ADAPTER

Designed as a compatible plug-in adapter unit for the TX-1 "Apache" transmitter, the SB-10 allows operation on single sideband for increased versatility. This adapter will also be of interest to amateurs now operating strictly AM or CW with other transmitters such as the Heathkit DX-100. By making a few simple circuit modifications, most modern transmitters can be used utilizing all existing RF circuitry. Extremely simple to operate and tune, the adapter employs the phasing method of generating a single sideband signal, thus allowing operation entirely on fundamental frequencies. The critical audio phase shift network is supplied completely preassembled and wired in a sealed plug-in unit. Also featured are single-knob bandswitching, an easy-to-read panel meter that indicates relative-power output to aid in tuning and built-in electronic voice control with anti-trip circuit which allows duplex operation but prevents receiver output from turning on the transmitter during listening periods. RF excitation from the transmitter is required for the adapter to provide an SSB signal which is then fed to the transmitter final for amplification.

Specifications—Power output: 10 watts P.E.P. (peak envelope power). Power input: Less than 3 watts of RF at the fundamental operating frequency required. Output: Pi network, low impedance, coaxial. Input: Low impedance, coaxial. Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Circuitry Phasing method of SSB signal generation is employed with voice control and anti-trip action built into the audio circuit. Power requirements: 350 VDC @ 85 ma, 6.4 VAC @ 3.5 amp. Meter: 2½", 200 ua movement, indicates carrier null and relative power output. Cabinet size: 10" H x 6¾" W x 13" D.

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