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VF-1 Variable Frequency Oscillator

VF-1 Variable Frequency Oscillator


  • Covers 160-80-40-20-15-11-10 meters
  • Smooth-acting, illuminated and precalilbrated dial
  • OA2 voltage regulator tube for stability
  • 6AU6 electron-coupled Clapp oscillator
  • Copper plated chassis—aluminum case—extensive shielding—ceramic coil forms, switch wafers, and tuning condenser insulation

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of VFO operation by obtaining the Heathkit model VF-1 Variable Frequency Oscillator. It features voltage regulation for frequency stability and covers 160-80-40-20-15-11 and 10 meters with three basic oscillator frequencies. Better than 10 volt average RF output on fundamentals. Plenty of output to drive most modern transmitters. more than 2 feet of dial calibration available, and the dial is illuminated for maximum readability. Vernier reduction is used between the main tubing knob and the tuning condenser for smooth dial action. Requires a power source of only 250 volts DC at 15 to 20 ma, and 6.3 VAC at 0.45a, available on most transmitters.

Extra features include copper-plated chassis, ceramic coil forms, extensive shielding, etc. High-quality parts are used throughout. Calibration instructions are also provided. All adjustments are easy to reach through appropriate holes provided in the cabinet.

VFO operation allows you to move out from under interference and select the portion of the band you want to use without having to be tied down to only 2 or 3 frequencies through the use of crystals. "Zero in" on the other fellow's signal and return his CQ on his own frequency! Crystals are not cheap, and it takes quite a number of them to give anything even approaching comprehensive coverage of all bands. The cost of the Heath VF-1 is far below that of crystals, so if you wan complete coverage of the amateur bands from 160 meters through 10 meters, why hesitate? The model VF-1 with its low price and high quality will add more operating enjoyment to your ham activities.

SPECIFICATIONS—Output frequencies: 1750-2000 kc, 7000-7425 kc, 6740-6808 kc. Calibrated Bands: 160-80-40-20-15-11-10 meters. RF Output: Approximately 10 v. on fundamentals. Output Termination: 50 ohm coax, to plug for ½" crystal socket. Tube Complement: 6AU6 Oscillator, OA2 Voltage Regulator. Power Requirements: 250-350 VDC @ 15-20 ma. and 6.3 VAC @ .45 A. Dimensions: 7" high x 6½" wide x 7" deep.

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