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VHF-1 "Seneca" VHF Ham Transmitter

VHF-1 "Seneca" VHF Ham Transmitter


  • Up to 120 watts input on Phone, 140 watts on CW
  • Built-in VFO, modulator and power supplies
  • "Spotting" push button for off-the-air tuning
  • Extensive RF shielding—built for rugged use

Here's the transmitter you need for high power 6 & 2 Meter Operation!

From every angle … quality, performance, dependability, price … you'll find the "Seneca" VHF transmitter a hard to beat "watts-per-dollar" package. On 6 meters, it provides up to 120 watts AM input and 140 watts CW input (slightly less on 2 meters) for reliable DX communications. Design features include: controlled-carrier phone operation, built-in VFO for both 6 & 2 meters, four switch-selected crystal positions, extensive RF shielding, large slide-rule tuning dial with vernier action and rugged, handsome styling. Circuit has two built-in power supplies, five RF stages, two dual-triode audio stages and two 6146's in the final amplifier. A spotting switch is provided for "zero-beating" an incoming signal and allows tuning of the transmitter before switching on the final amplifier. An auxiliary socket provides for receiver muting, remote operation of an antenna relay and remote voice control of the transmitter. Panel controls select VFO or crystal control and phone or CW operation on both bands. Covers popular CAP and MARS VHF frequencies. Quality components are used throughout for long life and dependable performance and the well laid-out circuit provides for easy assembly and highly-efficient operation.

Specifications—Power input: 6 meters, 140 w CW, 120 watts phone (peak). 2 meters, 110 watts CW; 95 watts phone (peak). Output impedance: 50 to 72 ohm (non-reactive). Output coupling: Adjustable link (coaxial connector). Operation: crystal, VFO, CW, phone. Frequency coverage: 48.9 to 54 mc, 143.7 to 148.3 mc. Audio: screen modulated, controlled carrier. Power requirements: 117 V AC, 50-60 cycles; Standby (phone, CW) 120 watts, full load (phone, CW) 400 watts (intermittent). Dimensions: 16 5/8" W x 10 1/8" H x 10" D.

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