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XC-2 2-Meter Converter
XC-6 6-Meter Converter

XC-2 & XC-6 Converters


This top-quality 2-meter converter may be used with receivers tuning any 4 mc segment between the frequencies of 22 and 35 mc when appropriate crystal is used. Converts 144-148 mc signals to 22-26 mc with .005% overtone crystal supplied. High quality parts used throughout. Silver plated chassis and shields.


Extends frequency coverage of the Heathkit "Mohawk" and most other general coverage receivers into the 6 meter band. Converts 50-54 mc signals to 22-26 mc. 3-tube circuit provides two RF stages and low-noise triode mixer. Calibration accuracy assured by .005% overtone crystal supplied. Provision for external RF gain control.

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