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AA-111 Stereo Power Amplifier
Features patented Heath ULTRA-LINEAR® circuit!

AA-111 Stereo Power Amplifier


  • Conservatively rated at 14 watts per channel
  • Circuit boards for easy assembly
  • Individual amplifier gain controls
  • Supplies preamp power when needed

You'll marvel at this compact, handsomely styled new Heathkit AA-111 Stereo Power Amplifier for two reasons: it possesses all the famous performance characteristics of its illustrious predecessor, the Heathkit AA-30, and it has a rich styling concept that denotes quality the moment you see it. This AA-111 delivers a solid 28 watts. The two channels are hi-fi rated at a full 14 watts each and use Heath's patented ULTRA-LINEAR® circuit to bring you the finest in performance. And remember, you save valuable space in your high fidelity/stereo enclosure or shelves by assembling this compact AA-111, instead of two power amplifiers.

A printed circuit board for each channel simplifies assembly as does Heath's famous "check-by-step" instructions. The circuit boards also insure stability and uniformity of channel operation. Other features of this fabulous unit include individual amplifier gain controls and a one-channel speaker phase reversal switch. You can turn the AA-111 off at either the amplifier or the preamplifier. The output terminals accommodate 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers and two 117 volt AC receptacles are provided for accessory equipment. The transformer operated power supply is fused for safety.

AA-111 Interior View

The interior of the AA-111 shows the four EL/84 power output tubes that insure this amazing amplifier's performance. Note the neat circuit layout for easy assembly.

The AA-111 is designed as a complementary styled companion to the Heathkit AA-11 or AA-141 stereo preamplifiers. And of course, it will function perfectly with any other preamplifiers. The rugged ventilated dust-cover of metallic bronze colored steel protects the components which are mounted on the black chassis. The chassis lower front panel is ivory. Overall dimensions: 13" W x 8½" D x 6" H.

SPECIFICATIONS—Channels: 2. Power output: 18 watts (14 w. per channel) Heath Hi-Fi Rating; 32 watts (16 w. per channel) IHFM Music Power Output (0.7% THD, 1kc). Power response: ± 1 db from 30 cps to 15 kc at 14 watts output per channel. Harmonic distortion: 2% or less at 14 watts, 30 cps to 15 kc. Intermodulation distortion: 2% or less 60 and 6,000 cps signals mixed 4:1 at 14 watts output per channel. Hum and noise: 76 db below 14 watts output. Channel separation: 65 db. Input sensitivity: 0.74 v for 14 watts output per channel. Input impedance: 500k ohm pot. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohm. Damping factor: 5.25:1, 4 ohm tap; 10.2:1, 8 ohm tap; 11.5:1, 16 ohm tap. Controls: Left and right channel gain; AC switch; phase switch. Tube complement: 2-7199; 4-EL84/6BQ6; 1 GZ34/5AR4. Power requirements: 117 volts, 50/60 cycles. 115 watts. Power outlets: 2 octal sockets for pre-amp power; supply 300 v at 10 ma. 6.3 volts at 1.1 amps at each socket. Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.

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