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AA-161 Mono Combination Amplifier

AA-161 Mono Combination Amplifier


  • 3 inputs—complete controls
  • Built-in preamplifier
  • Separate bass and treble tone controls
  • New "modern" styling concept

New MONO COMBINATION AMPLIFIER delivers 14 hi-fi rated watts

Fresh in a brand-new styling concept which emphasizes the quality of performance it can deliver, the new Heathkit AA-161 is a top value 14-watt combination monophonic amplifier designed to power your high fidelity system economically and easily. This striking unit incorporates a charcoal grey steel cabinet highlighted by an ivory colored bezel and bottom front panel which will blend smoothly with either the new AJ-21 AM Tuner or the new AJ-31 FM Tuner. Combining a top-notch amplifier and preamplifier in a single low-cost package, the AA-161 provides rich, full range sound reproduction and low noise and distortion levels thanks to Heath's quality design and engineering "know-how". The use of miniature tubes throughout results in a compact chassis layout which is easy to construct. EL-84 output tubes in a push-pull output circuit perform outstandingly with the specially-designed output transformer. A filament-balance control virtually eliminates AC hum for superb listening at low volume levels. The three separate inputs of the AA-161 will accommodate magnetic and crystal phono cartridges, tape recorder or tuner program sources. Separate bass and treble tone controls enable you to precisely adjust the sound to your particular taste.

Remember, the new Heathkit AA-161 is the successor to the fine EA-3 monophonic combination amplifier that has built a splendid reputation for providing dependable power at low cost.

SPECIFICATIONS—Power output: 14 watts Heath Hi-Fi Rating; 16 watts IHFM Music Power Output (2% THD, 1 KC) Power response: ± 1 db, 30-15,000 cps, 14 watts output. Harmonic distortion: Less than 2% at 30 cps to 15 kc at 14 watts output. Intermodulation distortion: 2% or less at 14 watts output using 60 and 6,000 cps signals, 4:1. Hum and noise: mag. phono input, 55db below 14 watts; tuner and crystal phono, 65 db below 14 watts. Input sensitivity: For 14 watts output; Mag phono, 0.004 v at 1 kc; crystal phono, 0.2 v; tuner 0.25v, with tone controls flat. Outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Damping factor: 10:1. Controls: 3-position function selector switch, bass and treble tone controls, volume control. Tube complement: 1-6EU7, 1-6AU6, 1-6AN8, 2-EL84/6BQ5, 1-EZ81/6CA4. Power requirements: 117 v. 50-60 cycles, 55 watts. Color and finish: Charcoal grey steel cabinet and upper front panel with ivory colored bezel and lower front panel. Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

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