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AD-40 Stereo Tape Recorder

AD-40 Stereo Tape Recorder


  • 4-track stereo record and playback
  • Includes all amplifiers and speakers
  • Preassembled tape mechanism and cabinet
  • Two speeds—3¾ and 7½ ips
  • Beautiful styling

With the Heathkit AD-40 Portable Four-Track Stereo Tape Recorder you can enjoy the beauty of pre-recorded stereo tapes as well as the inherent superb fidelity of this recording medium at any time, and in any place. Just snap it shut, pick it up, and you're ready to take your Heathkit AD-40 to parties, family get-togethers, vacations.

The portability of this fabulous unit is just one of the features that make it an outstanding value. The Heathkit AD-40 can be used as a self-contained unit for monophonic and four-track stereo tape recording and playback, for all of the required preamplifiers, power amplifiers and speakers are included. All you do is plug it into any regular 117 volt AC outlet, put on the reel of tape and you are ready to enjoy the wonders of four-track stereo recording. The Heathkit AD-40 can be employed also as a tape music source for stereo/high fidelity systems by simply connecting the special cathode follower outputs to your present components.

When you operate the AD-40, you'll be amazed at the simple controls which eliminate the need for tricky gadgets or complicated instruction procedures. Two controls are provided that give you instant selection of either "record," "play," "fast-forward," or "rewind" functions. The individual tone-balance and level controls make it possible for you to regulate the music according to your individual preference and the size and shape of your surroundings. To assist you when you are making recordings, a switch is provided to let you monitor the amplifier sound while the recording is actually taking place. In this way, you know exactly what is being recorded and how it sounds. And to assist you even further, two "bar-type" recording level indicators show you the levels being recorded in each channel. A "pause button" lets you edit your tape conveniently, too.

When the unit is in use, you can place the detachable speaker wings any distance apart for maximum stereo results. Each speaker wing contains a 7½" woofer and a 2" x 6" oval tweeter. All parts for the amplifiers, preamplifiers and power supply are included for assembly, while the cabinet and precision tape mechanism are factory assembled and tested. The outstanding electronic features of the AD-40 are accompanied by a cabinet that is handsomely styled and ruggedly constructed. The plywood cabinet is covered with turquoise and white vinyl with a textured front panel of a bright metallic tone. The cabinet also features a storage compartment for tapes, tape reels and any accessories. While microphones are not included with the AD-40 kit, we would recommend the Heathkit AK-1 microphone for maximum performance. If you've been thinking about a tape recorder or player, now's the time to solve that problem economically, without sacrificing quality.

AD-40 Features

SPECIFICATIONS—Power output: 6 watts stereo (3 w. per channel) utility rated. Power response: ± 2 db 50 to 15,000 cps at 3 watts. Total harmonic distortion: less than 2% 50 to 15,000 cps at 3 watts. IM distortion: less than 3% at 3 watts. Hum and noise: -45 db or better at 3 watts. Sensitivity: for 3 watts output, 1.5 mv; microphone, for max. record level, 3 mv; aux. input, for max. record level, .2 volt; low impedance outputs, for aux power amp, 1 volt. Power requirements: 105-125 V, 60 cycles, 110 watts. Cabinet dimensions: 9¼" H x 22½" W x 14" D Shipping Weight: 59 lbs.

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