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AJ-11 Stereo Tuner
AJ-11S Stereo Tuner
with AC-11 Multiplex Converter

AJ-21 AM Tuner

For quality AM/FM Reception…plus latest styling and medium price the Heathkit AJ-11 STEREO TUNER


  • Engineered for FM multiplex
  • Two "eye" tuning indicators
  • Adjustable AFC on FM
  • AM fidelity switch
  • Perfect match for AA-151 Amplifier

Quality and dependability are the by-words of the famous Heathkit AJ-11 AM/FM Tuner ... medium priced and available with or without the Heathkit AC-11 Multiplex Converter, in kit form or factory assembled models. You can search far and wide, but you will never find so many quality features at such a reasonable price. The AJ-11 is engineered for use with the AC-11 FM Multiplex Converter and this versatile AM/FM tuner can be depended upon for complete, high quality service in every application, whether AM, FM or FM Stereo.

The styling of the AJ-11 is also remarkable in view of its reasonable price. Handsome in its smart new luggage tan vinyl-clad steel case and charcoal grey front panel, it will blend with any decor and has a convenient size permitting placement practically anywhere in your home. With the two "eye" tube indicators on the front panel ... one for AM, one for FM ... you can be sure of accurate, easy tuning of any station. In the kit models, the preassembled FM front-end is prealigned to insure stable and drift-free operation. To speed the assembly of the kit, you simply drop the front-end in and proceed with other simple connections. The three-position Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) switch holds a very weak FM signal from drifting and also insures that stronger FM signals are "centered" when tuned. With the AM Fidelity Switch, you can choose either of two bandwidths. In the normal position, the bandwidth is limited and gives sharp tuning when stations are close together. In the maximum position, the widest bandwidth is provided and greater fidelity is achieved.

AJ-11 Internal View

This interior view of the AJ-11 shows the well-planned layout and husky components of this instrument. The circuitry is carefully engineered to assure you easy construction with the best possible results.

The individual flywheel tuning of the AJ-11 makes tuning easy and precise whether you use AM or FM. The built-in line antenna for FM is usually sufficient for metropolitan areas with nearby FM stations, and there is provision made for external FM antenna connection through special terminals on the chassis. The Built-in AM rod antenna provides ample reception in most installations, however, special terminals for an external antenna are also provided, should it be necessary. Both the AM and FM sections of the tuner have output level controls that can be easily adjusted to work properly with your particular preamplifier. An extra output jack is provided for use with the Heathkit AC-11 Multiplex Converter, enabling you to enjoy the delights of Stereophonic FM reception in your home. Another attractive feature of the AJ-11 is the large slide-rule dial that is edge-lighted to increase the readability of both AM and FM frequency numerals.

You'll find the AJ-11 perfect for your home stereo system, especially when used in conjunction with its "look-alike" partner, the Heathkit AA-151 Stereo Amplifier. And whether you choose the AJ-11 or the AJ-11S with the FM Multiplex Converter, you'll save up to 50% over similar quality products that are preassembled. Remember, for superb styling, performance and a budget-minding price ... it's smart to choose the AJ-11.

SPECIFICATIONS (FM)—Tuning Range: 88-108 mc. Quieting Sensitivity: 2.5 uv for 20 db quieting; 3.5 uv for 30 db; 25 uv for max. quieting (43 db). Image ratio:-45 db, 25 uv, 30% mod. 98 mc. IF frequency: 10.7 mc. IF rejection: (98 mc)-63 db. Output: Cathode follower type, variable to 800 ohms; level: 0.45 v. 25 uv, 30% mod. Frequency response: ± 2 db. 20-20,000 cps. Harmonic distortion: Less than 1%, 25 uv, 100% mod., 98 mc. Hum and noise:-43 db, 25 uv, 30% mod. RF stage: 1 tuned RF amplifier. AFC: Switched, 3-positions, off-half-full. Multiplex output: Output supplied for external multiplex adapter.

SPECIFICATIONS (AM)—Tuning range: 550-1600 kc. Sensitivity: Narrow position: 1400 kc, 10 uv; 1,000 kc, 15 uv; 600 kc, 40 uv. Frequency response: ± 2.5 db, 20-9000 cps (40 db down at 10 kc). Image rejection: 1400 kc, 46 db; 1,000 kc, 45 db; 600 kc, 60 db. IF frequency: 455 kc. IF rejection: 1400 kc, 40 db; 600 kc, 33 db. Output:Cathode follower type, variable to 800 ohms; level, 1 v, 750 uv, 30% mod. Harmonic distortion: less than 1%, 750 uv, 95% mod. Hum and noise: 35 db down (5,000 uv, 30% mod). RF stage: 1 tuned RF amplifier. AVC: Derived from voltage doubler detector.

SPECIFICATIONS (general)—Tuning indicators: 2 magic eye tubes, one AM, one FM. Controls: AM bandwidth, broad/narrow; function selector, AM/Stereo/FM; FM AFC, full/half/off; AC power on-off; AM tuning; FM tuning; AM level; FM level. Tube complement: (AM) 2-6BA6, 1-6BE6, 1-6BN8, 1-6ME5, (FM) 1-6CY5, 1-6EZ8, 3-6AU6, 1-6BN8, 1-6ME5. Transformer operated, full wave voltage doubler with 2 silicon rectifiers. Power requirements: 117 v. 50-60 cycles, 40 watts. Dimensions: 15¾" W. x 5¼" H. x 11" D. Shipping Weight: 19 lbs.

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