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AJ-30 Deluxe Stereo AM/FM Tuner
AJ-30S Deluxe Stereo AM/FM Tuner
with AC-11 Multiplex Converter in Kit Form

AJ-30 & AJ-30S Deluxe Stereo AM/FM Tuners


  • Designed for use with AC-11 FM Multiplex Converter
  • 16 tube circuit
  • Modern styling—lighted panel
  • Versatile controls
  • Separate or simultaneous AM and FM reception
  • Individual tuning meters for AM & FM

The Heathkit AJ-30 Deluxe AM/FM Stereo Tuner Kit offers more features, finer performance, better quality—at savings of up to 50%. And the brand new AJ-30S combination of the AJ-30 Tuner with the new Heathkit AC-11 FM Multiplex Converter brings you a function coordinated system ready to receive FM stereo as well.

The AJ-30 AM/FM Stereo Tuner comes in kit form or factory-assembled ready to plug in. Either way, you'll find that the quality engineering advances of this tuner, along with its remarkably low price tag, make it one of the greatest values of the high-fidelity industry.

Some of the quality features of the AJ-30 include individual tuning meters for both AM and FM that insure precise station settings with ease and accuracy. This deluxe tuner also provides an AM bandwidth-fidelity switch to give you a choice of maximum selectivity or maximum fidelity to suit your listening need. The function switch selects either AM, FM or AM & FM modes of operation. A multiplex converter output jack is provided on the AJ-30 to permit addition of a multiplex converter at any time for enjoyment of FM in stereo.

Other features of the AJ-30 are a 300 ohm external FM antenna input and a built-in FM line coupler antenna. For AM reception it has a built-in ferrite rod antenna and provisions for an outside antenna for weak signal areas. A balanced full-wave germanium diode AM detector is used to assure low distortion. Delayed and amplified Automatic Volume Control keeps audio output variations to a minimum. Your FM listening will be a joy, thanks to the FM Automatic Frequency Control feature which "locks in" station signals for drift-free reception.

Designed in the most modern manner, the superb styling of the AJ-30 matches the AA-100 perfectly with a luggage tan vinyl-clad steel cabinet and polished anodized trim to complement any room decor. Refracted lighting illuminates the dial with a soft, glare-free glow. The 16-tube circuit includes 3 circuit boards for easy construction and high stability. The preassembled and prealigned 3-tube tuned cascode FM tuning unit is another quality feature insuring performance to factory-built standards as well as making assembly faster and easier.

SPECIFICATIONS FM—Tuning range: 88 mc to 108 mc. IF frequency: 10.7 mc. Antenna: 300 ohm balanced for internal for local reception. Output: low impedance cathode follower variable up to 4000 ohms. Output voltage: Nominal .5 watts (with 2 uv 30% modulation in). Quieting sensitivity: 2 uv for 20 db of quieting; 20 uv for full quieting (40 db). Maximum deviation sensitivity: 5 uv; (400 cycle 100% modulation). Deviation sensitivity: 20 KC (1100 uv in). Harmonic distortion: Less than 1% (1100 uv 400 cycle 100% modulation). Image ratio: 40 db. AFC correction factor: 12 db. Amplitude modulation suppression: 25 db. Hum and noise: 40 db below 30% modulation (20 uv in).

SPECIFICATIONS AM—Sensitivity, narrow bandwidth position: 1400 kc, 4.5 uv; 1000 kc, 5 uv; 600 kc, 5.5 uv (at antenna terminals through standard IRE dummy antenna, .1 volt RMS reference output). Reference output .1 volt RMS: 600 kc 5.5 uv. Sensitivity change, narrow to broad position: -5 db. IF bandwidth, narrow: 14 kc, 6 db down. Broad: 20 kc, 6 db down. Image ratio: 1400 kc 55 db; 600 kc 80 db. Harmonic distortion: Less than 1%. Hum and noise: 35 db below 30% modulation (1000 kc unmodulated with 100 uv in). IF rejection ratio: 1400 kc 42 db; 600 kc 30 db. Power supply: Transformer operated 50-60 cycle, 100 watts. Tube complement: (6) 6AU6, (3) 6BA6, (1) 6BS8, (1) 6AB4, (1) 12AT7, (1) 6AL5, (1) 6BE6, (2) 12AU7. Dimensions: 15¾" W. x 5½" H. x 13½" D. Shipping Weight: 24 lbs.

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