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AJ-31 FM Tuner

AJ-31 FM Tuner


  • Engineered for FM Stereo with the AC-11 Multiplex Converter
  • Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
  • 5 tube circuit (9 tube functions)
  • Preassembled, prealigned tuning unit
  • Flywheel tuning & slide-rule dial

The Heathkit AJ-31 FM TUNER combines the quality performance of the famous FM-4 with new style advances

All the superior features of its predecessor, the world-famous FM-4, have been included in the new Heathkit AJ-31 FM Tuner. But in addition, a new modern styling highlights this remarkable unit to make it truly "value packed". Fashioned of charcoal grey steel cabinet with ivory colored bezel and lower front panel, the AJ-31 portrays quality from the moment you see it.

Some of the many features include: Flywheel tuning, switched AFC for "drift-free" performance, and a multiplex output jack for use with the Heathkit AC-11 Multiplex Converter to provide FM stereo. The preassembled, prealigned front end assures factory-built performance with easy, fast completion of the kit.

AJ-31 Internal View

The factory-assembled prealigned front end of the AJ-31 and well-planned circuit layout assures easy home assembly with factory-built performance.

SPECIFICATIONS—Tuning range: 88 to 108 mc. Quieting sensitivity: 2.5 uv for 20 db of quieting; 3.5 uv for 30 db of quieting; 25 uv for maximum quieting (45 db). IF frequency: 10.7 mc. Image ratio: 45 db. AFC correction factor: 75 kc per volt. AM suppression: 25 db. Frequency response: ± 2 db 20-20,000 cps. Harmonic distortion: less than 1.5%, 1100 uv, 400 cycles 100% modulation. Antenna: 300 ohms unbalanced. Output impedance: 600 ohms (cathode follower). Output voltage: nominal .5 volt (with 30% modulation, 20 uv signal). Power requirements: 105-125 volts, 50/60 cycle AC at 25 watts. Dimensions: Overall--including cabinet and feet, 4-½" H x 13½" W x 6" D. Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.

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