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EA-2 "Bookshelf" 12 Watt Amplifier

EA-2 "Bookshelf" 12 Watt Amplifier


  • Less than 1% distortion at full output over entire audio range (20-20KC). Amplifier conservatively rated at 12 watts
  • Full-range frequency response 20—20,000 CPS within ± 1 db at 12 watts output
  • Push-pull EL84 output tubes—special design output transformer
  • Built-in preamplifier—3 switch-selected inputs—RIAA equalization
  • Luxury-styled cabinet in black and gold

Here is a strikingly attractive 12 watt hi-fi amplifier that you will want for your living room or den. Its good looks and compact dimensions make it suitable for use in the open on a bookcase, or on an end table. Tubes, transformers, and the circuit components are out of sight, within its attractively styled cabinet--and all operating controls are conveniently located on the front panel. But, this eye-pleasing style and color are not the whole story. You get many hidden "extras" in circuit design, which are normally taken for granted, but which have everything to do with the high quality of sound reproduction obtained.

This amplifier takes advantage of the most recent developments in the audio art to give you full range frequency response from 20 to 20,000 CPS withing ± 1 db. Harmonic distortion is less than 1% at full 12 watts output over the entire range (20-20,000 CPS). Intermodulation distortion is less than 1.5% at 12 watts, with low hum and noise.

The advanced circuitry incorporated uses miniature tubes throughout including EL84 output tubes in a push-pull tapped-screen output circuit using a special design output transformer. The output transformer is tapped at 4, 8, and 16 ohms to match almost any speaker system.

The model EA-2 has its own built-in preamplifier with provision for three separate inputs, MAG phono, crystal phono, and tuner. The MAG phono input features RIAA equalization and crystal phono input impedance is 2.2 megohm to meet the rating recommended by most cartridge manufacturers. Separate bass and treble tone controls are provided with boost and cut action. A special hum-balance control is also provided to insure quiet operation.

Construction of the EA-2 is simplified through the flat chassis layout which eliminates those cramped and difficult places to get at. The instruction manual supplied has plenty of pictorial diagrams in addition to the step-by-step instructions which tell you exactly where each and every part goes. Parts are clearly marked so that they are easily identified.

The cabinet shell is well ventilated to allow cooling and is constructed of vinyl plastic bonded to steel which is practically indestructible. It resists scuffing, wear, and abrasion. Resists chemicals so it won't stain. Heat or flame will not cause it to blister or peel. Wipes clean in seconds with a damp cloth. The bond will not loosen even under extreme pressure. The vinyl coating has a smooth leather texture in black with tiny flecks of inlaid gold to add an extra luxury touch. The front panel features brushed-gold trim and buff knobs with gold inserts. Control and function are clearly indicated with gold lettering. An amber neon pilot lamp is also provided to indicate when the amplifier is on.

Design of the amplifier also allows mounting in an equipment cabinet if desired. A full size template is supplied.

In all, here is an amplifier that not only looks good but has built-in performance comparable to amplifiers costing many times more. It is an amplifier that you and your family will be proud to own and use.

Specifications—Power Output: 12 watts. Overall Frequency Response at 12 watts: ± 1 db 20 to 20 kc. Harmonic Distortion at 12 watts: 1% or less @ 12 watts 20-20 kc. Intermodulation Distortion at 12 watts: 1.5% (4:1 ratio 60 & 6,000 CPS). Hum and Noise Level: 47 db below 12 watts, MAG phono. 60 db below 12 watts, AUX inputs. Input Sensitivity for 12 Watts out: Mag phono—.005 volts at 1,000 CPS; Crystal Phono—.02 volts; Tuner—.02 volts. Tone Controls: Bass (at 30 cps)—15 db boost, 17 db cut; Treble (at 15 kc)—15 db boost, 20 db cut. Tube complement: 1-12AX7, 1-6C4, 1-6AN8, 2-EL84, 1-EZ81. Dimensions: 12½" W x 8 3/16" D x 4 3/8" H. Power Requirements: 117V, 60 cycle AC, 120 watts. Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

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