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HH-1-C "Legato" High-Fidelity Speaker System

HH-1-C "Legato" High-Fidelity Speaker System


  • Modern styling and rugged construction.
  • Theatre-type Altec-Lansing speakers and "C-P" (critical phasing).
  • Precisely balanced high and low frequency sound sources.
  • Living-presence sound reproduction.
  • Easy to build—all components and instructions included.

Here, in the Legato Speaker System, is a nearest thing to perfection in reproduced sound. Realism so startling that if you were to close your eyes, you would sense the actual presence of the artist or orchestra in the same room with you.

There is no black magic, or "revolutionary" principle which achieves this result. Perfect balance, critical phasing, adequate driver design—all have been known to be required for true reproduction of sound. But always, before the Legato, there have had to be compromises in design. The Heath Company, working closely with Altec-Lansing engineers, has permitted no compromises. We asked for the finest speaker system it is possible to produce; and we got it! A system "designed for listening" that satisfies even the most critical audio requirements.

The cabinet is a modified infinite baffle using two 15"Altec-Lansing low frequency drivers to cover frequencies from 25 to 500 CPS and a specially-designed sectoral exponential horn with high frequency driver to cover frequencies from 500 to 20,000 CPS. The perfect balance of sound contained from the Legato is accomplished by proper phasing of the high and low frequency drivers and using a carefully computed crossover network, with the precise amount of phase shift to assure transition to the high frequency channel, which literally cannot be observed even on acoustic measurements in one of the world's finest anechoic chambers. The Legato covers frequencies from 20 to 500 cycles, with a smoothness of response which startles even experienced speaker engineers. Above 500 cycles, a sectoral exponential horn driven by a specially designed Altec-Lansing unit covers the tremendously important mid-range, the "presence" spectrum, and on up through the entire audible range, with no disturbing discontinuities, mis-phasings, or "beams" of highs. Internal reflections are absorbed by the splayed back panel and a 3" layer of fiberglass lining. Two channels were selected for this system rather than three, four, or more because two channels, properly designed, were found to be superior. All the outstanding features of the Heath Legato are inherent in the design of the speakers and the enclosure and there are no critical adjustments for you to make. If you want the best, the Heath Legato is the speaker system for you!

The "Legato" emphasizes simplicity of line and form to blend with modern or traditional furnishings. Slim, tapered, struts project across the grille cloth to produce a strikingly attractive shadowline. Supplied in African mahogany for dark finishes, or white birch for light finishes.

No previous woodworking experience is necessary to assemble this unit. All parts are ready for assembly and no drilling, cutting, or shaping is necessary. The pieces are simply assembled from step-by-step instructions with plenty of large pictorial diagrams showing exactly how the components fit together. The kit includes all hardware and materials necessary for assembly and the finished kit is a sturdy, rugged unit that is most attractively styled. It can be finished to the taste of the builder, Everything is preplanned and predesigned so that the construction can proceed smoothly. Treat yourself to the fun of "building your own" high fidelity speaker system.

Specifications—Frequency Response... ± 5 db, 25 to 20,000 cps. Cross-over Frequencies... 500 cps. Power rating... 50 watts program material. Nominal Impedance... 16 ohms. Cabinet Type... Modified infinite baffle. Cabinet Dimensions... 41" long x 22¾" deep x 34" high. Speakers... 2—15" Altec low frequency drivers. 1—Altec high frequency driver with special horn. Magnet weights... Low frequency drivers—2.4 pounds each. High frequency driver—1.2 pounds. Divider Network... M derived (M = .6)—Parallel filter type.

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