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SS-1 "Basic Range" High-Fidelity Speaker Systemr

SS-1 "Basic Range" High-Fidelity Speaker System


  • Easy-to-assemble cabinet of Veneer-surfaced plywood. Kit includes all necessary parts.
  • High-quality speakers of special design—6" mid-range woofer and compression-type tweeter.
  • Level control to adjust output of high frequency speaker.
  • Built-in crossover network.

The extremely popular Heathkit model SS-1 Speaker System provides amazing high fidelity performance for its size. This is made possible by the use of high-quality speakers, in an enclosure especially designed to receive them.

The cabinet is a ducted-port, bass-reflex type enclosure, measuring 11½" H. x 23" W. x 11¾" D. Total frequency range of this unit is from 50 to 12,000 CPS. It features an 8" mid-range woofer to cover from 50 to 1600 CPS and a compression-type tweeter with flared horn to cover from 1600 to 12,000 CPS. Both speakers are by Jensen. A variable balance control allows level adjustment of the high frequency speaker. The cabinet is constructed of veneer-surfaced plywood, ½" thick, suitable for light or dark finish of your choice. All wood parts are precut and predrilled for easy, quick assembly.

Matched Units

Matched Units
The model SS-1 and the model SS-1B are designed as matching units, both physically and audio wise. The model SS-1B completes the audio spectrum when used with the model SS-1, and the smaller unit fits neatly on top of the larger enclosure to form an integrated four-speaker system. Placing the model SS-1 on top of the model SS-1B gives the appearance of a single piece of furniture. Speaker system kits available only as described. Speakers and enclosures not available separately.

The picture frame molding is supplied with corners squared and glued. An extra feature is the fact that it operates with the Heathkit, "range-extending" (SS-1B) speaker system kit later, if extended frequency range at the high and low ends of the audio range is desired. This unit can be built in just one evening, and will provide many years of listening enjoyment. Place it anywhere in the room, does not require any special position. Use it as the basic speaker for your hi-fi system or as an extra speaker for some other room. In many instances it can be substituted for the speakers in your television set, tape recorder, radio, etc. to improve sound reproduction. The SS-1 has a nominal input impedance of 16 ohms and is rated for 25 watts program material. Crossover circuit is included.

Specifications—Frequency Response... ± 5 db, 50 to 12,000 cps. Cross-over Frequencies... 1000 cps. Power rating: Program material... 25 watts; Single Frequency (near mid-range)... 15 watts Nominal Impedance... 16 ohms. Cabinet Type... Ducted-port Bass Reflex. Dimensions... 11½" high x 23" wide x 11¾" deep. Material... Furniture-grade plywood, suitable for light or dark finish, ½" thick. Speakers: Low Frequency... 8" Jensen (special design), 6.8 oz. Alnico 5. High Frequency Jensen compression driver with exponential horn (special design), 4.7 oz. Alnico 5. L-Pad... Balance control for high frequency driver. Shpg. Wt... 30 lbs.

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