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Heath October Flyer
Contributed by Mark Rosneck KB0US

Mark writes, "I&heliip;have something I thought you'd be interested in seeing. I've hung onto this flyer for 25 years or better only because I thought it was an interesting bit of history."

These are scans of a typewritten Heath Company flyer that was issued around Fall, 1958, preceding the distribution of their 1958 catalog. It is interesting that the flyer contains hobbies information about military surplus items in addition to descriptions of the then-available kits.

The flyer states, "Our customers continue to express amazement at purchasing professional quality test equipment at low Heathkit prices. The secret is in the method of selling. Our customers do most of the selling by praising Heathkits and recommending them to their friends. It is not unusual for one customer in a community to account for the sale of ten or more Heathkits. Thus while most companies add 40 to 50% for selling costs, the cost of selling Heathkits is but a few pennies out of every dollar."

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Flyer Page 1
Page 1

Flyer Page 2
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Flyer Page 3
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Flyer Page 4
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Contributed to the museum by Mark Rosneck KB0US.

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