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AG-10 Sine-Square Generator

AG-10 Sine-Square Generator


  • Sine and square wave output available simultaneously at separate terminals
  • Continuous coverage ± 1.5 db from 20 cps to 1 mc on both sine and square waves
  • Low distortion (less than .25%)—square wave rise time .15 microseconds
  • Constant output impedance at all settings of output controls (except in 10 V ranges)

The AG-10 is a general purpose lab instrument, featuring wide range, high quality, sine and square waves, for a great variety of applications. Some of these are: radio and TV repair work, checking scope performance, as a variable trigger source for telemetering and pulse work, and checking audio, video, and hi-fi amplifier response.

The frequency response of the AG-10 is ± 1.5 db 20 CPS to 1 MC on both sine and square waves, with less than .25% sine wave distortion, 20 to 20,000 CPS. The sine wave output impedance is 600 ohms at all settings of the output controls (except in 10 volt range). The square wave output impedance is 50 ohms at all settings (except in 10 volt range). Square wave rise time is less than l5 microseconds.

An added feature of this generator is the addition of a control in the oscillator circuits to adjust for differences in tube characteristics assuring absolute minimum distortion. A new and more exact frequency calibrating system is employed to insure proper tracking across the dial. The wide frequency range and high quality waveforms will make this instrument extremely useful in general laboratory use as well as in audio, television, and high fidelity applications. Separate output terminals are provided for sine and square wave output so that both the sine and square waves can be used at the same time with no detrimental effects to either waveform. In making stage-gain measurements, the sine wave output can be connected to the input of a stage to me measured, and the square wave output connected to the external sync terminal of an oscilloscope. By using this method of sync, measurements can be made all the way through a number of amplifier stages without having to readjust the oscilloscope synchronizing controls.

Features include a five-position band switch with steps of x 1, x 10, x 100, x 1k, and x 10k—continuously variable tuning—shielded oscillator circuit—separate step and variable output attenuators in ranges of 10, 1 and .1 volts for both sine and square wave, with extra range of .01 volt on sine wave. Smooth acting controls eliminate amplitude bounce.

The well-filtered power supply uses silicon-diode rectifiers and a husky power transformer. An output cable is supplied with provisions for proper termination as outlined in the manual. All functions of the controls are clearly indicated on the attractively screened front panel making operation of the controls self-explanatory. The front panel controls are divided into three groups. On the extreme left and right under the square wave and sine wave drawn on the panel are the controls and output terminals for the square wave and sine wave outputs. In the center are the frequency and frequency multiplier controls common to both sine and square waves.

The interior layout was designed for maximum efficiency and ease of construction. High quality components are used throughout and are clearly marked for easy identification. The construction manual supplied has detailed step-by-step instructions, large pictorial diagrams and all other necessary information for successful assembly with additional information on circuit description and use of the instrument.

Specifications—Sine Wave: Frequency Range: 20 cycles—1 MC. Output Volts (R.M.S.): 0-10 volts, 0-1 volt, 0-.1 volt, 0-.01 volt into a High Impedance Load. Source Impedance (± 10%): 10 volt range—0 to 3.5 k ohm; 1 V, .1V, and .01 V range—600 ohm. Distortion: Less than .25% 20 to 20,000 cycles. Frequency Response: ± 1.5 db 20 cycles to 1 megacycle. Square Wave: Frequency range: 20 cycles—1 MC. Output Volts (P. to P.) ± 5%: 0-10 volt, 0-1 volt, 0-.1 volt, into a High Impedance Load. Source Impedance (± 10%): 10 volt range—0 to 200 ohm; 1 V, and .1 V ranges—52 ohm. Rise Time: less than .15 microsecond. Frequency Accuracy: ± 5%. Power Requirements: 105-125 VAC, 50-60 cycles, 55 watts. Dimensions: 13" wide x 8½" high x 7" deep. Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

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