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AG-8 Audio Generator

AG-8 Audio Generator<


  • Continuous coverage, any frequency between 20 CPS and 1 MC
  • Output voltage controlled with step and variable attenuators
  • Precision resistors in frequency determining network
  • Cathode follower output for stability and low impedance
  • Well regulated output with very low distortion

High fidelity fans and service technicians will welcome this low-cost, highly-efficient audio generator kit, for evaluating and servicing audio amplifiers. Its constant output voltage and wide frequency range are mighty important when plotting audio response curves. Continuous frequency coverage from 20 CPS to 1 mc is available in five ranges.

Tuning is greatly simplified by means of a five-position range switch and a fine adjustment to the panel scale markings. Output voltage is controlled with a step-type attenuator and a continuously variable control. Maximum output impedance is 600 ohms, and overall distortion is less than .4 of 1% from 100 CPS through the audible range. Up to 10 volts of audio output is available, under no-load conditions. Output remains constant within ± 1 db from 20 CPS to 400 kc.

The power supply is transformer operated with well regulated output and low distortion. Precision resistors are used in the frequency determining network for accuracy.

The model AG-8 can be built in a very few hours by following the clearly designed instructions. After construction, the generator is easily calibrated using only a VTVM or any reasonably high impedance AC voltmeter. Full instructions are provided for the use of the 60 cycle AC line as well as an accurate frequency source.

Specifications—Frequency: 20 cps to 1 mc in 5 ranges. Output: 10 volts (no load) ± 1 db 20 cps-400 kc.; -3 db at 600 kc; -8 db at 1 mc. Impedance: 600 ohm output. Distortion: Less than 0.4%, 100 cps through audible range. Tubes: 1-6SJ7, 2-6AK6, 1-6X5. Power: 105-125 volts AC, 50-60 cycles, 30 watts. Dimensions: 7½" high, 13¼" wide, 7½" deep. Shipping Weight: 11 lbs.

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