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AG-9A Audio Generator

AG-9A Audio Generator


  • Output and frequency indicators accurate to within ± 5%
  • Built-in 600 ohm load, switch selected
  • All frequencies tuned by switch method—no human tuning error to consider
  • 200 microampere meter calibrated in volts RMS and db
  • Attenuation both continuous and in calibrated steps

Attention hi-fi perfectionists! This is what you've been looking for; a small, compact audio generator that produces a near perfect sine wave with close frequency control and metered output voltage.

The model AG-9A provides quick and accurate selection of low-distortion signals throughout the audio range. Three rotary switches select two significant figures and a multiplier to determine audio frequency. Switch selection of frequencies allows return to the exact frequency previously measured, without error as might be encountered with continuously variable tuning. Frequency can be varied in increments if 1 CPS from 10 to 100 CPS. A four-position multiplier switch increases this range in multiples of 10, thus providing the overall range of 10 to 100,000 CPS. The attenuator system operates in sets of 10 db and is also calibrated in 8 full scale meter ranges of 0-.003, .01, .03, .1, .3, 1, 3, and 10 volts RMS. Output is indicated on a large 4½ panel meter calibrated in volts and decibels. Output and frequency indicators are accurate to within ± 5%. Distortion is actually less than .1 of 1% between 20 and 20,000 CPS. With the AG-9A as a signal source you can forget about unknown input variations and distortion when working with audio circuits. Use it with the HD-1 to check harmonic distortion.

Specifications—Frequency: 10 cps to 100 kc. switch selected, 2 significant figures and multiplier. Output: 6 ranges 0-.003, .01, .03, .1, .3, 1 volts RMS into external 600 ohm load or with internal load into Hi-Z; 2 ranges 0-3, 10 volts RMS into a minimum of 10,000 ohms, -60 db to +22 db in 8 steps; -60 dbm to +2 dbm (0 dbm=1 MW—600 ohms). Distortion: Less than .1% 20-20,000 cps. Tubes: 1-6AU6, 1-6CL6, 1-6X4. Power Requirements: 105-125 VAC, 50-60 cycles, 40 watts. Dimensions: 9½" wide x 6½" high x 5" deep. Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.

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