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AW-1 Audio Wattmeter

AW-1 Audio Wattmeter

The AW-1 Audio Wattmeter can be used in any application where audio power output is to be measured. External or internal load resistors are selected with convenient front panel switch. Non-inductive load resistors are built in for 4, 8, 16, or 600 ohms impedance. Five power ranges cover 0-5 mw, 50 mw, 500 mw, 5 w and 50 w full scale. Five switch-selected db ranges cover -10 db to +30 db. All indications are read directly on the large 4½" 200 microampere meter. Frequency response is ± db from 10 CPS to 250 kc.

Precision multiplier resistors are used for high accuracy, and crystal diode bridge for wide-range frequency response. Uses a 12AU7 voltage and current amplifier for meter, and is operated from a transformer-type power supply. Measures 7 3/8" H. x 4¾" W. x 4 1/8" D. Operates from 105-125 V. AC, 50-60 cycle power. A fine meter to help supply the answers to your audio operating or power output problems. Also features modern physical styling and convenient functional front panel design.

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