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BE-4 Battery Eliminator

BE-4 Battery Eliminator


  • Either 6 or 12 volt operation—useful also as a battery charger
  • Continuously variable voltage output
  • Constant ammeter and voltmeter monitoring
  • Automatic overload relay—self resetting
  • 18 plate split-type heavy duty rectifier unit

This modern battery eliminator is essential for all auto radio service work. It supplies 6 or 12 volt output at a flick of the panel switch so that conventional radios or those from the new automobiles with 12-volt systems can be serviced on your work bench. This completely eliminates the necessity of keeping a storage battery on the service bench.

Voltage is continuously variable in the two output ranges; from 0 to 8 volts DC at 10 amperes continuously, or from 0 to 16 volts DC at 5 amperes continuously. It will deliver up to 15 amperes at 6 volts, or up to 7 amperes at 12 volts.

Smooth DC output is assured through the use of two 10,000 microfarad filter capacitors. Two panel meters indicate voltage and current output simultaneously.

Continuously variable output is especially valuable for determining receiver operation under other than ideal conditions. Voltage can be lowered to determine the starting point of vibrators, or the operation of the local oscillator in the receiver under adverse conditions. The power transformer winding is fuse-protected and for additional safety, an automatic relay of self-resetting type is incorporated in the DC output circuit.

The BE-4 is housed in a heavy duty steel cabinet, ventilated to allow cooling of rectifier and transformer when operating with equipment requiring high current drain. Heavy duty binding posts are provided to handle the large size wire necessary to carry the high current involved. The BE-4 can also be used as a battery charger in the auto radio service shop.

Specifications—Continuously variable voltage output; 0-8 volts DC: 10 amperes continuously, 15 amperes maximum intermittent. 0-16 volts DC: 5 amperes continuously, 7.5 amperes maximum intermittent. Dimensions: 13¼" wide x 7½" deep x 7¼" high. Power Requirements: 105-125 V, 50-60 cycles AC at 175 watts. Shipping Weight: 17 lbs.

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