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BE-5 Battery Eliminator

BE-5 Battery Eliminator


  • Extra low-ripple filter circuit—less than .3% AC ripple
  • Separate lo-filter and hi-filter output
  • Output voltage and current monitored on panel meters
  • 6 or 12 volt operation—continuously variable output
  • Ideal for all kinds of transistor work

This brand new Heathkit Battery Eliminator is modern in the fullest sense of the word! It incorporates an extra low-ripple filter circuit so it can be used to power all the newest transistor type circuits requiring 0 to 12 volts DC, and the new "hybrid" automobile radios using both transistors and vacuum tubes. Its DC output, at either 6 or 12 volts, contains less than .3% AC ripple.

The special filter circuit is built right in and the highly filtered 6 or 12 volt DC output is available at up to 5 amperes at a separate pair of output terminals. "Hybrid" car radios and other similar devices which power their tube and transistor stages directly from the car battery, can tolerate only a small percent of ripple. In addition, the model BE-5 has another pair of output terminals for output with a normal amount of filtering, for use as a battery eliminator on conventional-type auto radios, etc. Here, the unit will supply up to 15 amperes on the 6-volt range or up to 7 amperes on the 12-volt range. The output voltage is variable on both ranges, from 0 to 8 volts, or from 0 to 16 volts.

The BE-5 is ideal for servicing 6 or 12 volt car radios of the vibrator type, transistor type, or "hybrid" types. It will double as a battery charger, and is often used as a marine converter for small pleasure boats, or will supply voltage for small DC motors (such as electric trains), etc. It is housed in a modern case with rounded corners, and two meters on the front panel constantly monitor output voltage and output current.

Specifications—Continuously variable voltage output; 0-8 volts DC: 10 amperes continuously, 15 amperes maximum intermittent. 0-16 volts DC: 5 amperes continuously, 7.5 amperes maximum intermittent. Filtered Output Ripple: 6 volts DC at 5 amperes: Less than 0.3%. 12 volts DC at 5 amperes: Less than 0.3%. Power Requirements: 105-125 V, 50-60 cycles AC at 200 watts. Dimensions: 13" wide x 8½" high x 7" deep. Shipping Weight: 23 lbs.

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