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C-3 Condenser Checker

C-3 Condenser Checker


  • Direct reading scales—measures capacity and resistance
  • Leakage indicated on eye tube
  • Calibrated power factor scale
  • Checks paper, mica, ceramic, electrolytic condensers
  • Safety spring-return test switch
  • Five polarizing leakage test voltages

Here is an instrument that will measure those unknown condenser and resistor values. All readings are taken direct from the calibrated scales without the requirement of any involved calculation. Capacity measurements on four ranges of 0.00001 mfd-0.005 mfd; 0.001 mfd-0.5 mfd; 0.1 mfd-50 mfd; 20 mfd-1,000 mfd. Checks paper, mica, ceramic and electrolytic condensers. A power factor control is available for accurate indication of electrolytic condenser efficiency. Leakage test provides switch-selection of five polarizing voltages, 25 volts to 450 volts DC to indicate condenser operating quality under actual load conditions. Leakage is indicated directly on eye tube. A spring-return test switch automatically discharges condenser under test and eliminates shock hazard to the operator.

Resistance measurements can be made in two ranges from 100 ohms to 5 megohms. All values are read directly on the calibrated scale. Increased sensitivity coupled with an electron beam null indicator increases overall instrument usefulness.

For safety of operation, the circuit is entirely transformer operated and the instrument is housed in an attractively styled cabinet with rounded corners and drawn aluminum panel. The outstanding low kit price for this suprisingly accurate instrument includes necessary test leads. Good service shop operation requires the use of this specialized instrument for the express purpose of determining unknown condenser and resistor values as well as their operating characteristics.

Specifications—Capacity: 4 ranges: .00001 mfd-.005 mfd; .001 mfd-.5 mfd; .1 mfd-50 mfd; 20 mfd-1,000. mfd. DC Leakage Test Polarizing Voltages: 5 ranges: 25 volts DC, 150 volts DC, 250 volts DC, 350 volts DC, 450 volts DC. Resistance Ranges: 2 ranges: 100 ohms to 50,000 ohms, 10,000 ohms to 5 megohms. Circuit: AC powered bridge for both capacitive and resistive measurements. Maximum operating of electron beam indicator denotes bridge tolerance. Cabinet Size: 9½" wide x 6½" high x 5" deep. Power Supply: Transformer operated-half wave rectifier. Power Requirements: 110-125 volts, 50-60 cycles AC. Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

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